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Latest O2 chips


The screw marked with the red arrow is used to convert the operation of the chip into a different but digital manufacturer's mode, all well and good.

What I do not quite understand is why the screw and not a simple slide switch? .......  Is it just a matter of cost??

A switch would have been nice.
I believe it's not a system selector, though, but a "bridged" or not selector. I leave mine in bridged mode and run the chip on all systems.

OK ...... sorry to say that I am non the wiser as to what "bridged" means here. Would you explain what is being bridged and why?

Thanks ....

The screw is about track power - AC or DC - and the firmware flashing is the system-changer.

The SSD position engages a diode bridge so it can run with the AC of an SSD powerbase. In that position, it’ll also work fine with Carrera and a DC oXigen layout - just with a small voltage drop. The other position gives full power on a DC-only set-up, undoubtedly important for the big oXigen races.

MrF’s solution is a sensible one. However, moving the screw is more handy than soldering for most people when moving from a home SSD or SSD/oXigen track to an oXigen race event. It is also far more secure than a slide switch.
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Thanks, Andy! :)
Good point about the screw being more secure than a slide switch. And it's undeniably better than soldering the wires differently like the old chip. I also agree that it would be better left in the DC position if competing in an oXigen event like you mention.
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