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Mission8: Trials and tribulations of creating BMW's latest GTE

Mission8: Trials and tribulations of racing BMW's latest GTE

On September 2017 the BMW M8GTE made its first public appearance at the Frankfurt Autoshow. 
Set to compete in both the  2018 FIA World Endurance Championship and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship,
it also marked BMW's return to Le Mans with its first factory-backed car since 2011. 

[Image: 2017-pres-frankfurt.jpg]
Talking shop
Press releases were full of the usual corporate shop talk, how the new M8 would be sporting a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8,
make about 500 horsepower and would incorporated BMW's latest cutting edge technology, aerodynamics, laser lights
...bla, bla, bla....

Clearly the Munich brand was grabbing the opportunity to use the GTE as a marketing tool for its M8 coupe road car.
The street legal version of the M8 GTE not due to make its first appearance until may 2018.

I could not have cared less, chances are I'll never be able to own a M8, let alone race one in the flesh. 
The moment I saw the first images of the GTE, I stopped reading...cause all I could think of was:
"How was I going to get my hands on that car.... and race it at Le Mans...1/32nd"

[Image: M8GTE-wip01.png]

Time Flies when you're having fun
Since then two years have past, time sure flies when your having fun. A lot has happened in between, the M8 has won the Daytona 24hrs...
...and has been canned in the WEC. I waited almost a year for one of the major manufacturers to do this car...never happened.
So exactly one year ago I decided not to wait any longer, and started my own mission8.

In this topic I will post the trails and tribulations I've come through on my Mission8. As I write this the project is already starting its second year...
So before I start posting...I already have a shitload of backlogged posts Bigsmile

From a unique scratch build  one a limited production kit
But before I turn the clock back to 2018, here's an image of how far the project has advanced so far.
I took this image a week ago, it shows the 3D printed body that will be used as a master for the GRP laminated body...
...or actually bodies.  
Because as the initial Mission Goal is now within reach, I have decided to extend the mission objective.
In the last 6 month I've been working closely with SV Workz on other projects . As a result of this close cooperation we've decided to do a limited edition run of mission8 kits. 
Meaning that after I've run the car at the 1/32nd 2020 Le Mans 24hrs... you could race this car too.

To be continued:
[Image: mission8-SV-presentation01.png]

With kind regards

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That looks outstanding Tamar.... look forward with interest to the build

Only sad note is BMW have pulled out already from LM racing.....  no matter at all a beautiful car is a beautiful car Rofl

LOL Anthony, spoiler alert, you are ahead of my posts  Bigsmile

BMW M8 GTE Suckerpunched by the BOP?
As Anthony mentioned: On May 22nd 2019 The German manufacturer announced that its works program with the BMW M8 GTE would not be continued after the 2018-19 WEC ‘Super Season’, while its IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship project with Team RLL would carry on. 
As such the 87th edition of the 24hrs, where BMW celebrated the 20th anniversary of its 1999 overall (BMW V12 LMR) and the 80th anniversary of its first class win (BMW 328) would also be the last time for the Grande Coupe at La Sarthe.

As both the V12 LMR and the 328 were given a celebration parade lap before the start of the race it was pretty pretty obvious to BMW that there would be little chance of such celebration after the race. 

Many fingers pointed at the B.o.P (Balance of Performance) as the main party pooper, and yes BMW had been complaining about the B.o.P (or lack off) ever since the car's debut in the Daytona 24hrs. But was that truly justified?

Balance of Polictics?
Love it or hate it, a B.o.P has been used by most race organizers for GT classes for some time now. Its main purpose is to create a level playing field amongst the very differently configured road based cars the race GT's are derived from. Front engined, mid engined, rear engined, atmospheric or turbo charged, you name it, the GT class has it. And in most cases (like in GT3) it works. But for the classes the M8 was intended to was a bit of a different story.
Both the IMSA GT LM and the FIA WEC GTE class can be considered as the top tier classes in GT racing. Although they're still based on road going models, there are greater liberties for a manufacturer to exploit to tune that original model into a near purpose build race car. And that's where politics enter the game.
Because long before a racing GT has turned a wheel, major manufacturers will have been in "constructive talks" with the sanctioning organizations, trying to optimize the specs under which their car will be allowed to compete. Reduce the negatives and improve on the positive sides of the road based model so to speak
One of the negatives BMW wanted to reduce..literally... was the size of their car.
There are provisions in the rules for deviations to the base model (allowing Porsche  to build its mid engined 911 GTE) and BMW did request to shorten the M8 by 10cm. However such requests must to be approved by all other manufactures in the Class. Guess what their answer was....

As apparent by the meme's hitting social media for the 2018 LM 24hrs... the BMW M8GTE was always going to be a big car. 

to be continued

With kind regards
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What happened Tamar? Interesting read, cut off mid flow. .............
Did the cat knock your beer over?  Beer Tappingfoot 

 Or something else.... we deserve to know.

Steve A

Just keeping you guys eager to keep reading ;)

No just kidding, was writing a more complete post with the whole story, but as I needed to change, remove, replace an attachment I hit the wrong button and the draft got posted instead. So I edited it and finished the post to where it would make sense to split.

As I wrote

to be continued ;)

with kind regards

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