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Feedback on a Scalextric layout

If you want to focus on work, you've definitely come to the wrong place. Rofl

Here's a layout which keeps most of the elements of your first design, which I think is sound enough. But I've changed the right hand side so that there isn't a corner underneath the bridge, where obviously you are unsighted, and where it might be awkward to get to the car to retrieve deslots.

It also gives you an option for an extra lane changer, or as I've drawn it here, just replaces the one that's hidden under the bridge with one that's more visible, for the same reasons as above.



As has been mentioned, whatever design you come up with, no matter how good it looks, you will almost inevitably change it and tweak it once you start driving on it.
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Hej JasocnB,

Thanks alot for your plan, looks alot like the first of mine.

Going to test it, as soon as i have the table up - just got the extra track today. 

What are your views on the last layput i posted - without the 2nd flyover? Is it going to be to tight with the pitlane?

I'm no digital expert, but persnoally I'd want a longer straight.
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I hear you!  Talking

So got around and build the the track - and drove it abit. Both flyovers are over the long straight, just the easy way to test it. 

First corner after the straight are clearly the most difficult. Otherwise drives quite easily, where it was more difficult with the wiggles.

But as I’m going to be driving it mostly with my kids I think it fits good.
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Hey all,

Sorry for not posting any updates - but been doing a lot of testing, and so have my my son. 

Pretty happy with the layout, runs very smooth. 

Will be back soon.

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Very nice benchwork! Exactly how I hoped you’d do it - looking forward to seeing more  Sun

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