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Saving post as a to re-open?

Hello Guys
I was working on a post, we'll actually copying a post from an other source. 
That went perfect, simply copy paste and it was all there perfect with pictures etc etc, so a big  Thumbup for the forum scripts.
But then I selected the function "save as draft" and closed the stupid me is now wondering how to re acces my draft

where can I find it?

with kind regards

Just got to your "USER CP" with the link on the left of the Forum page.

In the list on the left of the user control panel, near the bottom is "Saved Drafts". It should be there. Thumbup
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THX found it, and for those who like me overlooked this, there are 2 draft links to be found in the left user CP column, the top one is for PM drafts you've saved, scroll down and you'll find a 2nd link "saved drafts" for the forum posts you've saved as draft.

with kind regards
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