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Asking for Help

What is it with some people who, when asking for help, do not provide any feedback on advice offered? Even when then are asked if they did what was suggested ....... they do not bother to answer that either ..... Banghead

My  "ignore" list is growing, slowly but surely ....

Look at the official Scalextric forum.
 80% of the questions are the same and less than 1% get any kind of response to the advice given...

Hello Greg,
Yes there is a lot of that.  In many cases people ask for advice on doing something that they will never attempt. When a newbie asks a question, I read between the lines to decide whether it is worth investing time to respond - especially the ones who are obviously fishing for a sale.

Sadly, as in the "real world" good manners and politeness have become rare.  

In fairness, it is easy to lose a topic unless you subscribe. I like that here, the default is to follow if you you have posted.

PS- On here I currently only have 3 IDs in my Ignore List. At the old place, I had about 20 and that was one of the reasons for me moving.

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It infuriates me as well. Many a time someone would ask for help on SFI about some function of the forum, I would point them in the right direction, get no feedback and a couple of days later they would ask the same question again. I eventually came to the conclusion that most of them expected instant responses and didn't even bother to read the answer if it came a couple of hours later. Tappingfoot

Perversely, I am reassured that I am not the only one who gets steamed up about this ..... drift on ........Sun

Yup, totally agree with everything that's been said. Very frustrating.

The "askhole" is a world wide phenomenon.

As previously stated once someone gets what they want they often dont look back at how they got the desired result.

Nil illigitime carborundum
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”Askhole”!  Never heard that before but I know exactly who to apply it to.

Common courtesy is sadly becoming uncommon.

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