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If all else fails...................


I have been using a TruSpeed MT II controller for many years now, it is an excellent product and I have been perfectly happy with it. However, I confess to never reading the instructions and guessing at the settings - it is a man thing. Recently I was looking at their website and came across a quick start guide
.pdf TruSpeed_MT_II_-_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf Size: 135.26 KB  Downloads: 22
which I read and discovered I had been using the wrong settings all this time. I adjusted things accordingly and took two tenths off my lap times almost immediately. Doh!Banghead
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I can't get to within 2tenths on any consecutive laps anyway  Wrench

'Tis a lovely controller but has the wrong operating system.

The digitus inpudicus is just the wrong digit Thumbup

(I use that rather than the forefinger should I be forced to use such a travesty of a controlling method)

Gordon. Thimbs up to you![Image: bigsmile.gif]
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(11th-Aug-19, 07:30 AM)UshCha Wrote:  Gordon. Thimbs up to you![Image: bigsmile.gif]

Yup, the thimb is definitely the way to go Cool

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