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Can AM and USSRC

SO - this weekly thread seems to be flagging.....  geddit?? (except for people painting etc :)  ) Should we change to bi-weekly, leave as is  - suggestions.

Putting up my collecting phase at the moment for this week..... Can Am and USSRC class racing. I have a Hawk 2A and unknown 2J on my desk at the moment. Always loved the flamboyance of this class , from the first wings to a motor on each wheel, and from huge tyres to go cart fronts....

Brian's superb thread on Vanquish, showed their superb choice of cars but their complete lack of customer care in supplying what the customer wants.

There are also all the Rev/Mon cars out there as well as the new Thunderslot.

Lets see them all




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I am a bit of a fan of Can-Am and USSRC cars in both HO and 1/32 scale - and vicariously in 1/24 via Michael Niemas' incredible creations.

Here's a couple of my Revell/Monogram Lola T70s...


And Carrera's version of the incredible Porsche 917/30...


I have George Turner kits of the Jerry Titus Shelby Cobra Can-Am, a Lotus 40 and a McLaren M8B that really ought to get built. There's also a Chaparral 2E somewhere in pieces that will be racing soon.

There were plenty of HO Can-Ams and USSRC cars made by Aurora and Tyco in the late 60s and 70s. I will dig out what I have and photograph them. Here's the Tyco Chaparral 2G (I think it looks more like a 2E) for starters...

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