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Slot.It new website

I am not sure if this puts me in the minority, but I don't like.
I know the old one had not been updated with new stuff for a while, but I think that was much easier to navigate to find what you wanted than the new "virtual booklet" stuff.
I know some cars used this on the old site, which was fine, but for all the parts ? no doesn't float my boat at all !

I think the overall design of the site is an improvement, but I don't understand the booklet thing at all.

Not only is that bad for users of the site, but it's also useless to search engines and screen readers. I hope it's just a temporary thing as they sort the site out.
#3 themselves have said the spares booklet is a temporary measure, while they build that part of the site.
A quote from a poster, on another forum.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the NEW site is going LIVE next MONDAY, AUG 5th!

It took us a long time as it's not a cosmetic job but a completely rewrite.
Being so new, it will not only be great, shiny, and attractive, but it will also come with bugs, issues, omissions that we ask you please to let us know and be patient with.
This is the first step. We're working now on the SPARES section which takes a large chunk of the site. For now, if you go to the spares site you can download the spares catalogue. Over the time, each part in the catalogue will come with its own separate description and PDF sheet.

And another quote as well.

If you want the old data, it is still accessible via 2nd level directory links, - you may want to save some pictures of car parts lists by model, or some downloads etc for use in the interim.
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Personally, I like the format. Not only is it really neat, but there's important functional stuff (for me) like the oXigen firmware which is much more readily accessible via tablet and phone. The Policar site ( has had a similar format for a while and I find it easy to navigate all the information and graphics on a range of devices, including my tiny 4-inch phone screen.

It will be good to have all the spares as separate entries and searchable, but i do find the spares catalogue easy to flick through. I have always tried to pick up a catalogue at Gaugemaster to use as a reference guide - I find it easier to use than online lists.

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