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1/43 service barges and tow cars.

The first 2 shells for my 1/43 service barge and tow car fleet:




Regards, Lloyd.
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They look superb lLoyd, That VW brings back memories of the 2nd VW van I had back in the seventies Sun
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Thanks Abie 123, there were a lot of them around.

I finally decided to make resins of some of the barges/tow vans that we used in the 70s. CF to follow soon.

But one of my favourites, from the 74 season, mk1 Toyota Hiace has never been made in 1/43. so will have to start from scratch.

Regards, Lloyd.

Brill idea Lloyd, I'm heavily into service vans, transporters and estate cars.  


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Thanks Leo, Ilike the vans and barges too.

In 73 we towed this:


with one of these:


I have the shells and really must get on and make them!

Regards, Lloyd.

Lloyd, those look good!!!

i think i have never seen those touring versions of the BMW before. not on out on the streets, not in the web. interesting!

I really like the idea of the Transit runnning around the Desmo ...
Can it handle the Little Monte?

didn´t they build a Transit with an GT40 engine?
great ideas start flowing ...

Hello Peter, the estate car/touring E3s were coverted in the UK and used the tailgate from an Austin Maxi. They were not well built and rusted badly.

The one we towed the Roger Bell Rothman car with was a 3.0s and the rig cruised comfortably at 85mph.

I will be posting a transit body to you soon.

Here's Supervan:

Regards, Lloyd.
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BTW, ford did not own the 'Supervan' name, this is a Reliant Regal Supervan 3:



Regards, Lloyd

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