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Chrome/glass friendly paint stripper?

Is there such a thing?

Bought a car that looks like it's been painted with a yard brush. I'm guessing Humbrol enamel as I think I recognise one of the colours.

Although the painting is awful, the construction is pretty good so try as I might I can't remove the 'glass' and several pieces of 'chrome', including the steering wheel without the very high risk of damage to the parts and the areas of the body they are attached to.

Is there a paint stripper that would remove the enamel without damaging the glass or chrome - or at least, the glass?

I think a product called Modelstrip would do it but I'm not sure if it's still available and what it might do to chrome

Modelstrip hasn't been available for several years now but it would strip the chrome plate anyway.

Dot 4 brake fluid

Be careful with brake fluid. It can be too aggressive...

Thanks for all the advice. I looked for Dettol everywhere, couldn't find 'the right sort' so plumped for a 'proper' paint stripper for plastic, made by Revell.

Of course, walked into a Pound shop the next day and what was right in front of the door? The 'right Dettol'.   Tappingfoot

So far though, I haven't had the chance to try either.

I used Dettol only once...NEVER again, what a stench!

...and it didn't even get all the paint off even after 2 days submerged

Well for me it'll be a back-up. Having spent seven times as much on the Revell 'real thing' I think I'll be using that first!

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