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I´ve March´69,
all the 70 numbers, 

march´72, april´72, July´72, September´72, November´72.

I will scan ...
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Excellent, thank you, and thanks also for the MCI issues you sent me. Much appreciated.

We have lots of lovely new additions to the Library this week. Twenty publications to be precise.

First, we have eleven issues of Model Cars Illustrated  dating from 1963 to 1965. This is a completely new title to the collection, so thanks to Pechu_VLC for those.

Next we have five issues of Auto Modeller dating from the early 1980s, thanks to CMOTD.


Then we have this summer's essential South Coast Dragster fanzines produced by woodcote.

Finally, we have a 1982 SCX brochure, thanks to Scuderia Turini. Okay it's really a Spanish Scalextric publication, but the history is complicated so hopefully I'll be forgiven for putting it on the SCX page.
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Congratulations on the LIBRARY, I think it's a great project !.  Wrench 

After the holidays I will scan more things again, as I promised in the first place more Model Cars magazines to complete the collection as well as possible, and then we will see ...  Drink

Actually the Scalextric theme is very simple: for copyright issues, it depends on in which countries the Scalextric_England matrix is marketed as "Superslot" and the Scalextric_España matrix is marketed as "SCX".

In fact, we can see versions of the same catalog both as Scalextric / Superslot (Scalextric_England) and for Scalextric / SCX (Scalextric_España).

Scalextric_France was the third matrix parent company to market the Scalextric brand ... its last 2 year it was marketed as "Scalextric S" and "Circuit S" after being sold to the American company Tyco / Matchbox.
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Thank you. The Library would not exist without you guys taking the time to scan the magazines, so thanks to everybody. Thumbup

It's a long term project that will probably never be finished, but I think the history of our hobby is well worth preserving.
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Just a quick update...

After getting the Library converted to the new format, with improved navigation and some potted histories and graphics, I've now finally got round to adding some new content.


So we've got eleven new Scalextric catalogues ranging from 1997 through to 2015, thanks to rallyhub,

We've also got three new issues of South Coast Dragster covering the last three events in the HO Drag Proxy Winter Series, thanks to woodcote.
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Another quick update, with lots of additions thanks to rallyhub and woodcote...


First a selection of twelve Carrera catalogues which just about span the history of the brand, with issues from 1966 through until 2011.


Secondly, we've got fourteen SCX catalogues, with issues from 1996 to 2011.

I believe this now means we have over 200 complete publications in the Library. That's obviously a nice landmark to pass, but more importantly it represents a huge amount of time and effort from those contributing scans. So as always, thank you very much. Thumbup
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Blimey, not only refurbished... looks like you've had to construct a whole new annex to the Library.
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Very cool to read. Specially the HO drag-racing. That's apparently the big thing at the moment.  Thumbup

Jason. Thanks a million for doing an amazing job!  Bravo
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