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Blue cars

[Image: XbhDCh5.jpg][Image: fSQv5Ye.jpg][Image: f8FB6m2.jpg][Image: Y0bDWta.jpg][Image: 3oLfiWe.jpg][Image: NC8savE.jpg][Image: kgN13lI.jpg][Image: GPHNhvb.jpg][Image: PqaQeC6.jpg][Image: rpsxS6Q.jpg][Image: OELu39m.jpg]
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Great shots Doug.

GREAT pics but am really enjoying yours on real life tracks!! Art for sure Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

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Great set of cars Mitch - thanks for sharing!!!

I like this game, please can I join in  Checkeredflag

Some more blue cars, hopefully different ones....

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[Image: ybetmgy.jpg][Image: 5XGJjfd.jpg][Image: hDae1tD.jpg][Image: rIrKeFP.jpg][Image: u3GsUq7.jpg][Image: jqoE0tB.jpg][Image: 3DlHLHs.jpg][Image: ZaTY9T1.jpg][Image: 97Y7IB3.jpg][Image: ibSEf7s.jpg][Image: wonU23q.jpg]
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How blue do you want it?
Here are some photos of my Subaru Impreza WRX, with the intercooler inlet used as Scalextric Subaru pits.
Please, enjoy the pictures.

rallyhub Thumbup


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