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SVworkz - Oreca07 - Team Signature (SPA 2019)

Thank you Tamar, 
I  googled Valejo 73.602 so can see it is easy to purchase.  In your photographs there is a paintbrush - is that the way you applied the primer?

That would suit me more than using an airbrush.


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Hello Leo

Yes that is one of the advantages of using the Vallejo I wrote in my post...
Its just that I hit the wrong button and it got posted before I had finished writing it  (should have hit the "Draft" button instead) Rofl

As mine is a prototype body not destined to perform at a  specific race...I have  for the first time the luxury to experiment a bit (and possibly f##k up) 
So I will experiment and finish painting certain areas with acrylic and also try to  airbrush certain areas with thinner based paint.

With kind regards 

Thank you again Tamar.
3D printing is becoming more and more a practical way to make bodyshells.  Thank you for being a pioneer and sharing your experience.
Good luck in the Rockingham race with the Oreca.


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.

The "Final Chapter" of the pre production SV Workz Oreca07 becoming the Alpine A470 of team signature.

Here we are again with the final chapter, finishing the body shell and putting it to the test at the Rockingham DiSCA WEC event, that we attended last weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, you've probably seen the post of the painted body shell, that was awaiting his decals.
These decals were custom made by Tamar, it took him a few dozen "design, print, fit, repeat" stages, to get them fitted perfectly.
But the result we've received on just a piece of paper, the detail was all there and I was just stunned by this!!!!

We've got this set printed @slotfabrik and to my own personal opinion, one of the best in the business.
A few days later I received this nice thick white envelope and it had Slotfabrik written on it.
This was on last Wednesday morning, so unfortunately I had no time to get the car done in time to be used at the Rockingham event.
Steven took on the task, to give the body his final livery. He wasn't sure if he was the wright man for the job.
But after a few inspiring word, he had a go at it. As this had to be done all before Friday morning.
As you can see in the pictures, he did a cracking job but we still had a lot to do to get the car completely finished (smaller details stuff).

And off we were to Rockingham for her first shakedown, the "Rock Bull Ring" at the Rockingham Slot Car Club.
We didn’t have a lot of practice on the Friday evening free practice session, as we had to finish the car first before it would hit the track.
So we had to put our bets on the official practice of Saturday evening.
We were struggling to find a setup that worked like we achieved at the Suzuka track from Eindhoven, different track - different setup.
By the end of this session we were about 0.4sec off the quickest P2 lap time, which was as well the quickest time overall!!!

But working and travelling with a slot guru like Tamar Nelwan, does has his advantages.
As he did the most R&D on the car during the tests at Suzuka, he already knew the chassis a bit better.


We had a good look at the car and tweaked a few things overnight, started from a scratch setup, and had a 1-hour qualifying session to get the car setup for the race.
The car felt better and more reliable then the evening before, and we were finally in the battle for the pole with the other P2 car from SportsCarRacing and the P1 Toyota TS-40 from Rockingham.
And with about 15sec on the clock, there it was "Pole Position" just a few hundreds of a seconds quicker then 2nd position.
Starting in front of the grid does have his advantages, but that doesn't mean you will finish the race in that position.
We just proved that the Oreca07 has the strength to put up a good fight in his first outing.


The race started with no more problems then usual, the pace was good; we maintained our spot and could stretch our legs in the opening laps to create a small gap.
But unfortunately, we did suffer some problems, as my teammate told me we weren't counting every lap.
This started playing in my head and we had a few de-slots, as I was more focussed on the problem. What did we miss or oversee that this was happening...

About 30 minutes in the race we were told that this problem didn't only struck us, but apparently all type B2 and C chipped cars...and that Race control was working on it.
They had been checking all missed laps by noting down every lap time that resembled a double lap time lap and checking them against the database log file. A most tedious piece of labour performed by Matt and Maurizio
But still, even though the lost laps would be corrected by half time and at the end of the race, for a long time we had no accurate info on what our exact position was compared to our competitors, some of whom where having similar issues themselves.

This being said, we had to focus on just putting in lap after lap after lap.
We both took on 1-hour stints, the car ran and felt great and reliable.
But disaster took over, after our first pit stop and changing tires from N18 to F22, the tires came off the rims after we went a bit sideways.
Tamar was there to quickly repair the car, but this incident did occur a few times until we noticed that this tire was torn a bit.
We had to pit again for another fresh set of tires and we could run these without any further problems, but we lost a lot of laps.
From this point on I even dare to say that our car was one of the quickest out on the track.
But the damage was already done for claiming any P1 position, weather it was a class win or an overall win.
So we could only hope that the though competition ran into any trouble at all, but this never happened.

The raced ended for us in a 2nd place finish in class and a 3rd place finish overall.
But we did win the concourse elegance, for us that is as important as any result!
We are all happy with the total result of this race and what we achieved over the last couple of months.
As we must not forget that this was the Oreca's first outing, in probably one of the most toughest and competitive digital endurance event you can race in.


We will finally share a few pictures of the P1 and P2 DiSCA spec chassis.
These both will go into R&D, for any further developments.



Thank you all for reading.

Kind regards Tom
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Well done to all of you, and thanks for an interesting report Tom. Thumbup

Hello Tom,
Congratulations for the Concours win and podium finish. The car looks fab, very smart and sounds like it goes fab also. 

By the way:- Ferrari F1 could do with some help at the moment !!


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