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Chevrolet Impala 67 - Still waiting

So I know this has been asked before but were all still waiting for someone to release a 67 Impala.

Personally I think there are only two options for this, Pioneer or Scalextric.

I don't know that any 67's were used on the track, although if I'm wrong then that gives a greater range of cars but I'm sure a simple black version with a Sam and Dean would sell pretty well, let alone custom versions with large engines with carbs protruding out of the hood.

Would go great with the Mustangs, Camaro's, Chargers and Challengers of the period.

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Hi Wriath , there is a 1/32 kit of a Impala as Grand National Champion , I think it's a 67 ,so they did race ,maybe  !!


Sadly, the old IMC kit is a 65 which is radically different than a 67.


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