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Hello from the land of the rising sun.

Work on the new table track has been slow due to very hot summer followed by some big nasty typhoons.  Now I am starting to get a little time to venture out and work on it.
Braid is now laid out and the track runs well.  It is intended to be challenging with some areas of varying surface and a steeper change in elevation than the previous version.  Now fixed so that it can accommodate the bigger Carrera guides.  Last issue to resolve before going full scenic on it is some adjustment on the timing sensor to get good recording of the smaller scalextric guide.  Hope to have fixed this soon.
[Image: Zly3uh2_PslmzAgA9DwWczKkpi1OzyXpnvGBsZYV...00-h975-no]

Hopefully this shows up without any issues.  My website where all my photos have previously been stored is being shutdown - hosting service has broken the site and will not fix.  I am in process of moving all content to google environment and still working on hosting the pictures there and then being able to link onto forums.  Apologies if you see any pictures starting to fail.

Content will go to  but currently still moving my TVR work to this location, slot cars will move soon.

My DIY projects and failures at 
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