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Storage and Display - Ideas and suggestions.

(12th-Jul-19, 08:33 AM)abie321 Wrote:  Gordon

On my computer - they are the right way up. I alao open the files of the pic's and saved them the right way up.

No matter what I did - those sat sideways her on the forum. What did you do to right them??

Gordon, I understand where you asre coming from as I too have had the exact same issue arise with my photos, any that were wrong I used Photos (Win10Pro x64) to open the photo, then click on the rotate button to rotate the photo correctly. It seems to work.

Windows Photos and the Rotate Button

Anyways back on topic, here are two shelves I knocked up quickly to store the Queens and collectables. Sizing is simple enough 1800h x 930w x 300d from this (template essentially) I would like to rebuild in a nice wood, attach glass doors, so without further ado,

JRC Slotcar Shelves construction, beta testing and on then fly modifications

JRC Slotcar Shelves filled up
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This shelving was constructed of 1/8" fiber board (actually the separator strips of hardwood floor packaging). Simple construction: Cut to length; Cut in Slots; Glue. First attempt was designed to be either a Desktop (Larger shelf on bottom) or could be hung on a wall (larger shelf on top or bottom). As constructed it has room to house 9 cars with cases (Not Carrera). The strength is incredible and sizing can be adjusted to just about anything, the best feature is the slim (depth) profile, 4" to 7". You can easily add a back or as I did cover the front as well. Currently my track backdrop houses 21 cars and a custom LED leader board, and I could open up 15 more cubicles if required. In the course of a weekend I got a super looking backdrop, eliminated car case clutter and the wife got a new floor.

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