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Subscription TV

Might as well start a grump thread as everybody else seems too happy at the moment.

Subscription TV channels, or more specifically, channels you pay extra for in order to access exclusive content who then put it on free to air TV. I subscribe to Premier Sports so I can get full live USA coverage of all NASCAR races. They also have a Free to air channel and have recently started putting some of the races on there live as well. I pay for the stuff so why are they giving it away for nothing? I should be given a part refund for those races as I have paid for something they have given away to non subscribers.

I notice Sky has started doing this as well. I don't subscribe to Sky Sports F1 but, if I did, I would be absolutely livid that they have also shown the last two races live on Sky 1 so people with a basic subscription get exactly the same coverage as those who have paid extra .

That sounds like commercial lunacy. One of the first rules of business is that the best customers are the ones you already have - so don't annoy them.


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I know ,ive been watching the Nascar  on freesport .,!!!! Tappingfoot

Must get a TV one of these days, my life has been too simple and serene of late Tease

I do see the Goodwood racing on the net though. That's always enjoyable - and free!
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Gordon - look for on your computer - they carry quite a bit there that is free to watch..... eg the Blancpain GT series

We subscribe to V8 Superview for the Aussie V8 Supercars (best racing in the world ?). Full coverage of every qualifying, Top 10 Shootout, and every race, and no adverts anywhere. For less than £30 UK (it is $50AU) for the whole year its a bargain. SKY F1 ? Get stuffed, £120 for the year, far too many "talking heads", and you get a lot of it for free anyway on normal SKY channels.

Being as far west as we are I get British, German and Russian TV. Eurosport is free on the German satellite and since my Russian is rusty (too much effort for me to Putin... get it? I am here all night)... I don't know how much is on that though I do thing the Italian RAI channels are on there...
When was FTA I could barely get away from the TV.
There was ALWAYS something on!
Not that they are pay-per view for a lot of stuff I have backed off but FreeSport and FrontRunner are picking up the slack...
Very little of it is live but I am usually busy on the weekends anyway.

Most highlight shows are one within a few hours of the race so paying extra to see it live is usually not necessary IMHO.

The current lack of excitement in Formula 1 made me realize how much motorsport is out there and how much more exciting it can be.

Touring cars in various flavors are almost always a great time and there are semi-professional series in BRSCC such as the Porsche series that bridge the gap nicely between "professionals" and classic racing.
All good stuff and all free!

Companies often risk alienating their existing customer base, by offering potential new ones better deals. It is a calculated risk.

I don't mind Sky showing the F1 for free, I realise why they are (for now).

SKY is showing F1 for free?

They have put the last two GPs live on Sky 1, doubt it will continue though. Presumably to tempt people to sign up for the F1 package.

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