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1/24 trains & automobiles

James Day was back at the UK Slot Car Festival this year with an intriguing layout that combined G Gauge trains with Carrera cars - all about 1/24 scale. It was a big change from the Tyco US-1 trucks and HO trains that he displayed last year, but equally mesmerising to watch!

Our very own TopDown assisted with the layout and can hopefully chip in with some more details...
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Don't know how I've missed this for nigh on a year! I'll see if I can get James to add a comment but from my point of view I had great fun tweaking the 1/24 cars for him, as they had a number of 'issues'. Bit worrying when I tweaked one worse - but soon got it sorted.

Didn't take me long to help spend his money either. I found a nice used 1/24 rally car on one of the stands, which made a good pairing for his Subaru. What 'sold' it to me though was the gorgeous chassis. A great bit of engineering. If only I could remember the make ..........
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1/24th cars used on the display, from L – R in the attached photo.
Mini – Fujimi body with an Amato 3D printed chassis and running gear.
E-Type (on the track, almost hidden by the train).
Porsche - also on track, near the E-type.
There was also a Tamiya Golf (not shown), which was purloined and raced nearly all day by another exhibitor in the same hall, which speaks volumes for its build and drivability. It too used an Amato 3D printed chassis and running gear.

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And that Avant Slot 1/24 4WD Peugeot. (Not purchased at the time the first photo was taken.)


Just love this chassis! (With the alternative body fitted.)

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Funny that trains came up. I have the complete set my folks gave me for Christmas in 1959. It's O gauge Lionel with the Super O track. I probably have 3 or 4 miles of O gauge track now but its pretty much worthless. Most of it is the regular 3 rail as super O became hard to find here for a long time.
My Dad and I added stuff all the time from yard sales and flea markets for years. 
I've had appraisals over the last 15 years or so and the prices keep falling, now it just sits in boxes in a closet.
None of my kids, (6), or grandkids, I forget, have any interest.
I'm sure they will all have a laugh when they find out I've bought slot car stuff.
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