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A perfect digital layout?

My highlight of the past two UK Slot Car Festivals has probably been racing on the Slot Track Scenics Barcelona layout. For me, the STS team have nailed a near-perfect Scalextric digital track for a public event.


It should be no surprise from Slot Track Scenics that the layout looks superb. Their previous Silverstone layout looked fabulous too, but Barcelona drives and races really well. The 'Catalunya' format is popular with analogue racers as both lanes have a decent share of insides and outsides. With digital, this encourages lane-changing to keep the racing line and allows plenty of thrilling overtakes.


The Slot Track Scenics track is built on ten separate panels, making up an overall area of 5 x 2 metres. There are elevation changes, a pit lane and some tricky corners containing Radius One pieces. However, the super-resistant Scalextric Team Rally cars handle the track beautifully for novices and experts alike. At the Slot Car Festival, the C7042 Advanced Powerbase was used, together with SSDC race management software. For a public display, the fuel simulation is not used - but there is plenty of scope for this to be a great digital club track or the ultimate home digital layout.


When I'm racing full-throttle to get the best score possible for the 'Let's Go Racing' competition, it is easy to forget the stunning scenery - including the 'big screens' relaying live footage of the racing to the dozens of 1/32 spectators in the stands!

Here's some video of the track in action at the UK Slot Car Festival this year...

The Slot Track Scenics website is:
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I agree - the bigger, longer track used for the let’s go racing event plus the race-off for the Scalextric Gulf set was too long at about 14 seconds for a lap.  The racers were too strung out around the track for any kind of cut-and-thrust racing and there was very little overtaking due to the terrible conductivity around the track - it was a case of full throttle everywhere except for 2 or 3 corners.

The Slot Track Scenics track was a joy in comparison with some very tricky sections that really needed driving and a wicked R1 at end of the long straight that was guaranteed to catch out most novices.

It would be a good track except there were a few blind  spots even for those of us over 6 feet tall.  But if we ran it as a club track the magnets would have to go ...

As a track to show off their scenic items it was perfect - a joy to look at all the little people scenes when I wasn’t racing.

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool
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Barcelona is OK but their Silverstone track was much more flowing and exciting to race on. David would regularly set it up in Barford and his events were always very well attened ....

Coming out of Becketts, into Hangar Straight ....

This lad was a regular visitor, he really was quite exceptional and he was only three years old! Note the size of the controller in his hands

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