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Scaleauto's new Track.

Latest announcement from Scaleauto' on their new track:


Modular SlotCar Racing PRO-TRACK System by SCALEAUTO.
Updated post with newer information about this system.
This all NEW complete plastic track system for home or club use is the most important news on the hobby market since digital slot car racing was introduced. Not only because it has been based on a complete new design from scratch, with input from many individual experience customers, but also because this is what the market has demanded for a long time.This is a complete new track system giving a professional choice that is not a toy.
We are really enthusiastic about our development achievements which have given us full autonomy over the designs. We are able to produce a FULL PACKAGE of components enabling us to promote and develop our brand in all markets around the world.
The main features of SC Pro-track system are:
• 10 cm between lanes: the largest available.
• Allows 1/32 and 1/24 cars.
• Solid structure, rigid plastic. Avoids cracking and noise.
• Perfect joints with spot welded spring steel connections to minimize power loss between sections.
• Easy to connect snap together joints.
• Up to 6 different corner radius. Unique in the market
• High grip surface to ensure a perfect grip for all kinds of rubber or sponge tyres.
• Fully compatible with existing 9.99cm lane distance German track.
• Compatible with all existing digital systems
• Smallest Inner R1 radius to allow assembling track in small rooms.
Development Stages:
• Stage 1: Summer time 2019
Will include tracks to allow up to 8 lane systems R1+R2+R3+R4 with inner and outer extensions.
• Stage 2: Christmas time 2019
More track sections will be released to enable up to 8 lane using 22.5º angle systems adding R1 and R5 with inner and outer extensions.
• Stage 3: Summer time 2020
Will see the addition of the R6 curve and special digital straight lane changing piece.
Newly added in our plans: 100mm lenght straight !
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Interesting to note - they have a "German Track" adaptor, which means to me that it is the same size as Carrera!! Thumbup
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Here are a few photos of the new track system in action.


For anybody that uses Ultimate Racer, I made a ScaleAuto track library.


Just download the text file below and put it into the Library folder of your Racer30 program, or download the zip, unzip it and put the contents in your Library folder.

.txt ScaleAuto.txt Size: 14.36 KB  Downloads: 20

.zip Size: 20.35 KB  Downloads: 21
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This must be a serious investment financially - a good sign that the slotting market has value to manufacturers.
Presumably they mean 1000mm straights - excellent, for clubs and home users. (Edit:- Wrong assumption - see below)


Edit: Cor Blimey their website is v slow !

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I don't think so, I think they mean 100mm.

I believe this was added because a few of us pointed out the difficulty of making smaller tracks join up if the smallest straight is 20cm long. That was certainly my experience working in UR, and it seemed a shame, because the tight R1 corners mean that unlike Carrera, small layouts are definitely possible with the SaleAuto track.

This one, for instance, is just a smidge over 8' x 4'.

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