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Info Scenic items manufacturers/suppliers index

Below is an index of scenic item manufacturers/suppliers for reference purposes. If you know any I have missed please add them to the thread and I will incorporate them.

If you spot any broken links please let me know so I can fix them.

132 Models - extensive range of 3DP figures. Good quality and slightly cheaper than other suppliers.

AliExpress - diecast vehicles in all scales, including DTM and Le Mans cars. Cheap Chinese manufactured figures.

Art Printers - high quality printed back-scenes for  00 & N gauge railways but very suitable for slot tracks of any scale.

Aurora Models - unpainted white metal female figures, all scales. Very good but expensive.

Avant Slot - limited range, mostly obsolete, 1/32 figures and trackside accessories. Occasionally available from Pendles etc.

Britains - Agricultural buildings, vehicles, and figures in 1/32. 

Carrera - 1/32 plastic buildings and figures. The Carrera4Fun website also has a large selection of free downloads of card buildings and accessories.

Catzpaw - USA supplier of 3D printed figures, expensive.

Denizen - 1/43 white metal racing figures and accessories.

Diorama Supplies - 1/64 figures, buildings and accessories

Dylcom models - 1/32 figures, vehicles and accessories.

FarmModels - Agricultural buildings, vehicles, and figures in 1/32.

Figurenmanufaktur - classic era 1/32 and larger scale figures. Expensive and often out of stock. Try Pendles.

Figure Workshop - 1/64 figures and accessories.

Fine Scale Figures - large range of high quality 3D printed figures. Mostly smaller railway scales but quite a few available in 1/43 and  1/32.

GF Models - figures and accessories, various scales.

GP Miniatures - Card kits for vintage type buildings, 1/32 and 1/43 scale. No longer in production but Pendles still have stock of many items.

HLT Miniatures - 1/32 farm models and figures - some suitable for slot use.

HWP slot cars - 3D printed figures, various scales.

Immense Miniatures - 1/32 and 1/24 classic 60s era driver figures and accessories.

Innovative Hobby Supply - American supplier of building kits, 1/32, 1/43 and 1/64 scale.

JMG164 - 1/64 figures, buildings and accessories.

Kings Figurines - 1/32 historic figures but also make modern rock bands and musicians, very expensive.

Le Mans Miniatures - Classic 70s Le Mans type figures and accessories. Various scales.

Magnetic Racing - 1/32, 1/43 and 1/64 mdf building kits. Also 1/32 accessories and figures.

McSlots - general slot car supplier but sells WaspSlot figures and accessories at a lower price than buying direct.

M F Motorsport - PVC building kits, very expensive but highly detailed.

MHS Model Products - 1/32 card building kits and accessories, mostly USA style. Small selection of 1/64 stuff.

Miller Engineering - Manufacturer of fabulous animated lighted signs and billboards. USA oriented subjects but take a look anyway. Some have been commissioned for the UK market by Magnetic Racing.

Miniart - Mostly 1/35 scale military models but lots of useful buildings and accessories.

Modelu - 3D printed figures, all scales. Superb quality but expensive.

Motorhead miniatures - 1/24 figures and accessories.

Northwest Farm models - Oil drums, straw bales, figures,walling etc.

Outlands Models CN - Chinese eBay supplier of 3DP figures, accessories and buildings. 1/43 & 1/64 scale.

Pedemann online - large selection of free downloads for card buildings and accessories.

Phoenix - 1/43 white metal racing figures.

Pioneer - various 1/32 driver figures plus  Daisy Duke if you need one!

PJprintedmodels - very cheap 3DP figures, various scales.

Preiser - the world's leading model railway figures, some suitable for slot use, in various scales. Very expensive but top quality.

Proses - card kits for 1/32 buildings and accessories.

PRS Slots - Italian supplier of 1/32 resin figures.

Racer - 1/32 grid girl figures.

Race Spirit - small selection of 1/32 buildings and accessories.

Race Track Scenics - USA supplier of competitively priced laser cut buildings and trackside scenery.

Robbies Hobbies - 1/32 buildings.

Ron Trackside - small selection of 3D printed, competitively priced, 1/32 figures.

R&R Figures - reasonably priced 1/32 resin spectator and marshal figures from the old Tarn Model Foundry range.

Scale Equipment Ltd - USA supplier of 1/24 figures and accessories.

S&D Models - 1/32 railway items, some can be used on a slot track.

SK75Works - 1/64 Garages and accessories.

Slot Car Scenics - 1/32 3D printed trackside accessories

Slot Car Union - large selection of free downloads for card buildings and accessories.

Slot Models Cars - French seller of reasonably priced 1/32 figures and buildings.

Slot Track Scenics - 1/32 trackside accessories and figures.

Strictly Figures - hand painted individual 3D printed 1/32 figures. Very nice but not cheap.

Trackpass - small range of 1/43 white metal motor sport figures.

Vroom - extensive range of 1/43 figures.

WaspSlot - 1/32 trackside extras and figures 3D printed.

WeHonest - cheap Chinese manufactured figures.
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Added a new eBay supplier of remarkably cheap 3DP figures, various scales. 1/32 figures, standing or sitting, just £1 each including postage!


I have ordered some to check the quality and will report further when I receive them.
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Thank you very kindly for such an extensive list!

New addition - Outlands Models - Chinese eBay supplier of 3DP racing figures, accessories and buildings. 1/43 & 1/64 scale.

Great resource - thanks Brian!!

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