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Info Scenic items manufacturers/suppliers index

Below is an index of scenic item manufacturers/suppliers for reference purposes. If you know any I have missed please add them to the thread and I will incorporate them.

If you spot any broken links please let me know so I can fix them.

132 Models - extensive range of 3DP figures. Good quality and slightly cheaper than other suppliers.

AliExpress - diecast vehicles in all scales, including DTM and Le Mans cars. Cheap Chinese manufactured figures.

Art Printers - high quality printed back-scenes for  00 & N gauge railways but very suitable for slot tracks of any scale.

Aurora Models - unpainted white metal female figures, all scales. Very good but expensive.

Avant Slot - limited range, mostly obsolete, 1/32 figures and trackside accessories. Occasionally available from Pendles etc.

Britains - Agricultural buildings, vehicles, and figures in 1/32. 

Carrera - 1/32 plastic buildings and figures. The Carrera4Fun website also has a large selection of free downloads of card buildings and accessories.

Catzpaw - USA supplier of 3D printed figures, expensive.

Denizen - 1/43 white metal racing figures and accessories.

Diorama Supplies - 1/64 figures, buildings and accessories

Dylcom models - 1/32 figures, vehicles and accessories.

FarmModels - Agricultural buildings, vehicles, and figures in 1/32.

Figurenmanufaktur - classic era 1/32 and larger scale figures. Expensive and often out of stock. Try Pendles.

Figure Workshop - 1/64 figures and accessories.

Fine Scale Figures - large range of high quality 3D printed figures. Mostly smaller railway scales but quite a few available in 1/43 and  1/32.

GF Models - figures and accessories, various scales.

GP Miniatures - Card kits for vintage type buildings, 1/32 and 1/43 scale. No longer in production but Pendles still have stock of many items.

HLT Miniatures - 1/32 farm models and figures - some suitable for slot use.

HWP slot cars - 3D printed figures, various scales.

Immense Miniatures - 1/32 and 1/24 classic 60s era driver figures and accessories.

Innovative Hobby Supply - American supplier of building kits, 1/32, 1/43 and 1/64 scale.

JMG164 - 1/64 figures, buildings and accessories.

Le Mans Miniatures - Classic 70s Le Mans type figures and accessories. Various scales.

Magnetic Racing - 1/32, 1/43 and 1/64 mdf building kits. Also 1/32 accessories and figures.

McSlots - general slot car supplier but sells WaspSlot figures and accessories at a lower price than buying direct.

M F Motorsport - PVC building kits, very expensive but highly detailed.

MGModelbau - German supplier of 3DP figures, laser cut buildings and accessories, various scales. Extensive range but may not ship outside Germany.

MHS Model Products - 1/32 card building kits and accessories, mostly USA style. Small selection of 1/64 stuff.

Miller Engineering - Manufacturer of fabulous animated lighted signs and billboards. USA oriented subjects but take a look anyway. Some have been commissioned for the UK market by Magnetic Racing.

Miniart - Mostly 1/35 scale military models but lots of useful buildings and accessories.

Modelu - 3D printed figures, all scales. Superb quality but expensive.

Motorhead miniatures - 1/24 figures and accessories.

Northwest Farm models - Oil drums, straw bales, figures,walling etc.

Outlands Models CN - Chinese eBay supplier of 3DP figures, accessories and buildings. 1/43 & 1/64 scale.

Pedemann online - large selection of free downloads for card buildings and accessories.

Phoenix - 1/43 white metal racing figures.

Pioneer - various 1/32 driver figures plus  Daisy Duke if you need one!

PJprintedmodels - very cheap 3DP figures, various scales.

Preiser - the world's leading model railway figures, some suitable for slot use, in various scales. Very expensive but top quality.

Proses - card kits for 1/32 buildings and accessories.

PRS Slots - Italian supplier of 1/32 resin figures.

Racer - 1/32 grid girl figures.

Race Spirit - small selection of 1/32 buildings and accessories.

Race Track Scenics - USA supplier of competitively priced laser cut buildings and trackside scenery.

Robbies Hobbies - 1/32 buildings.

Ron Trackside - good  selection of 3D printed, competitively priced, 1/32 figures.

R&R Figures - reasonably priced 1/32 resin spectator and marshal figures from the old Tarn Model Foundry range.

Scale Equipment Ltd - USA supplier of 1/24 figures and accessories.

S&D Models - 1/32 railway items, some can be used on a slot track.

SK75Works - 1/64 Garages and accessories.

Slot Car Scenics - 1/32 3D printed trackside accessories

Slot Car Union - large selection of free downloads for card buildings and accessories.

Slot Models Cars - French seller of reasonably priced 1/32 figures and buildings.

Slot Track Scenics - 1/32 trackside accessories and figures.

Smart Models - 3D printed figures and accessories in the usual model railway scales but they will print at 1/32 on request.

Strictly Figures - hand painted individual 3D printed 1/32 figures. Very nice but not cheap.

toysweoncehad - eBay seller of laser cut fibre board 1/32 building kits, extensive range.

Trackpass - small range of 1/43 white metal motor sport figures.

Vroom - extensive range of 1/43 figures.

WaspSlot - 1/32 trackside extras and figures 3D printed.

WeHonest - cheap Chinese manufactured figures.
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Added a new eBay supplier of remarkably cheap 3DP figures, various scales. 1/32 figures, standing or sitting, just £1 each including postage!


I have ordered some to check the quality and will report further when I receive them.
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Thank you very kindly for such an extensive list!

New addition - Outlands Models - Chinese eBay supplier of 3DP racing figures, accessories and buildings. 1/43 & 1/64 scale.

Great resource - thanks Brian!!

Just found these guys on Facebook:


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Thanks John, some interesting stuff there, have added them to the list.

The website is a little confusing though - translating from the German I get this in one part:
"This shop only delivers to the following countries: Germany. The delivery address must therefore be within the delivery area."

However another part says this:
"International shipments may be subject to duties, taxes and other charges not included in the total price."

The shopping cart certainly only gives delivery to Germany as an option so your guess is as good as mine. Strange if they won't even ship to other EU countries.
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I have added a new supplier of 3D printed figures and accessories - Smart Models. They are model railway people so everything is listed in those scales, N, 00 etc but they will print at any scale if you ask them. Prices seem very reasonable. They have a very nice original range of stuff including mods and rockers with bikes and scooters. They have recently added beer barrels and bottle crates. Well worth checking out their range and asking for 1/32 prices.
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New supplier added - toysweoncehad -  extensive range of laser cut fibre board 1/32 building kits. No website, just an eBay shop.
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Some great stuff there, the track bridges could be turned into lap counters with DS200 and sensors.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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