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Question Building Help

I am physically disabled, live in Harrow (NW London) and was wondering if anyone may be able to help me putting my numerous AFX track pieces together as this risks becoming such a money pit for me (we can also discuss a hand over of any AFX products I have little to no current use for). My aim is to build an ambitious 10 laner and I welcome suggestions on a challenging yet quite space saving  layout  
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What size track did you have in mind?

Space to be used is a camping table and a wallpaper pasting table so looking says to me around 4 x 3 feet, I could skip the 10 lanes and instead go for 2 lanes to go around, back up and down on itself to resemble 10 lanes and an ultimately very long circuit

Okay, so you want an ambitious and  challenging  10 lane track in a 4 x 3 foot area?

I'm absolutely certain, with just a few changes to the laws of physics, I could manage that. Just give me a few minutes. Tease
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I basically need assistance to set up alongside fellow hobbyists who can spare enough time or, receive fair payment

I'm no expert when it comes to AFX track, but I'm fairly sure you'll need more than 4 x 3ft to set up an interesting 10 lane track.

According to Ultimate Racer, all you can fit within the 4 x 3 footprint is this...

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You are right of course so I shall aim for more space, placing light boards on the tables as their support could work and 1 of my tables can sit a lot lower so maybe employing loops (yes, I have a few) and sheer drop or even sloped sections can join multiple levels which I'll gladly post on here once finished will work wonders so, please wish me luck regarding securing paid labour

It might be worth contacting the London Scalextric Club, they are based in Wood End, or the West London Scalextric Club who are based in Hillingdon.

Or you could look out for a local handyman in the papers and facebook groups.

Anyway, good luck with it.
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Cheers dude ?? (Meant to be thumbs up)
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I now see that 10 lanes is now exactly possible but having something featuring 5 mated halfmoon curves still is thanks to my single hairpin and tight - standard radius curves so, thanks for your time and best of luck in your own scale of the hobby
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