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New Plafit 1/32 Chassis

The fastest time posted for this chassis so far at the club is from a member that has stacked 2 layers of the chassis together to make it more rigid.

I guess this is also not modifying the chassis  Bigsmile

My DIY projects and failures at 

The mount along with plates may stiffen the chassis a little plus at the end of the mounting flat near the back you can add plastic or  foam like I did to mount the body, which may result in a stiffer package overall. If it’s a TRUE Pointer 5 motor it may be 22,000 to 26,000 depending on voltage 12-14v that is.  The pointer 4 motors BAGGED as a Pointer 5 will turn 20,000 to 23,000.

Monday was the first race for this chassis class.


It took so long to complete the race of 7 heats as everyone was deslotting alot.
Whoever was marshalling was always busy.  Even slow and steady was not a guarantee to stay on the track.

Fun to have an even playing field, but would be better if they could be driven consistently and stay on the track.
Even the fast car from tthis photo was very unstable running other lanes.

Monday is another vacation and they will be running "The Revenge" race.
See if anyone learned anything from this outing.

My DIY projects and failures at 

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