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New Plafit 1/32 Chassis

This was a recent new addition to the club and looks like we will be having a class of racing for cars with this chassis in future, so I picked one up today so I can start to prep a car with it.


I think this works out at about 25 quid more or less, depending on the exchange rate when you read this.  For this price it is just missing a car body, everything else to run is included.  I believe it uses the Pointer 5 motor.


This chassis is a change from the previous ones as previously they used a side winder configuration and now as an inline.  Also the parts are mostly a light composite where previously they used steel.  Here it is side by side with my older Plafit 1/32 chassis for comparison.


Will be intersting to see how well this runs as it is very light.  The older ones were heavy but the weight all below the axles so they were pretty solid runners with or without magnets.  It feels a good bit smaller too so should fit some of the smaller car bodies I have.

As with the previous range, there appears to be alot of upgrade/replacement parts available.

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Now fitted to a Capri body shell.  Attaching is the familiar Platfit sponge and bracket arrangement used for their other chassis.  
Fitting it I don't feel secure in the strength of some pieces as they are very thin.  I would be worried about possibly breaking them in trying to fit the body if a tight squeeze, or possibly from a crash.  I think the adding of some thin plastic as has been done by some members is not just to stiffen the chassis, but also give a little reassurance.


At the moment it has the normal rubber tires fitted so will try this first then probably switch to the Plafit soft set for more grip.  Even so on my little test track it was making some good lap times straight away.

Will set it up for the weekend to try at the club against similar builds.

My DIY projects and failures at 
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