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GT Sports Cars Slotting Proxy 2024 - Cars Preview

(8th-Mar-24, 09:16 AM)Kevan Wrote:  Sorry I didn't do this yesterday, I had to dash out as it was our clubs racing last night.

I'd set up the camera in the webcam program, zoomed in to where I wanted, set the focus and was ready...then the stream started and those settings weren't used and there's no on screen adjustments to change the webcam.

Anyway it's a record of the cars.

Quite a few cars had braid badly in need of flattening and straightening.

One car has what sounds like a chunk of lead rattling round inside.

A couple have a screw sticking out as though it's not in properly.

It was good to see cars with blutac in the screw holes (I remembered to do that this time) and a few needing tape over the screws which I'll do today.

On the whole I'd say the standard of car prep is greatly improved.

The braid issue is an irritating problem which occurs during transporting the cars in the box, certainly better than it was without the foam supporting cards but a solution evades me. Ideally could do with some kind of fitting which clips onto the guide when the car are placed into the pockets. Perhaps you 3d printer guys can come up with something I could use ?
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A little walk-through of our club...

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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