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GT Sports Cars Slotting - Official Results & Reports

The SCOREBOARD for Round 6 has been updated
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We are hoping to get the Round 6 Podium photos uploaded on Tuesday, so I will hold back on my Pitlane Review until then.

The cars will be dispatched to the Viking Slot Car Club next week for Round 7


I have attached the photos of the Podium winners of Round 6 with the results above.

Tomorrow I will post the Pitlane Review
Also tomorrow the cars should be on their way to the Viking Slot Car Club for Round 7

Sadly I have to announce that the Connington Park Round is cancelled due to ill health of the host. 
I am looking at bringing the 2 remaining Rounds forward and or inviting a new host to complete the series.


Earliest NERCS can do in June would be w/c 23rd June and can manage up to and including 10th July


Wavegreen Good Morning,
so many thanks again to the Woodland Fort club for running the Round 6 for us. 

Pitlane Review (Rounds 1-6)
So this Round was run on a very fast wood track, in particular LeManx cars did exceptionally well, the best run since the start of the series. Ruscillo Racing had mixed fortunes, with what seemed like a very unexpected 2nd place with the Standard Sideways BMW M1, we should have expected a good result also from the Merc CLK, however the wheel literally falling off the wagon put paid to that. Bangers Racing's Ferrari 512BB struggled on this simple sprint track. Brunos RSR also seems to have issues again with the BMW M1 seemingly running slower than on any track previously ?

Sports Cars (Group 5)
1st Place - LeManx /BMW M1 ( 101pts)
2nd Place - Bangers Racing / Ferrari 512BB (86pts)
3rd Place - Savage GT / BMW M1 (58pts)
LeManx BMW has opened up its lead over the Ferrari of Bangers Racing, RoadRunners De Tomaso lost out to Savage GT BMW M1 for 3rd position. However still quite close between 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th.

1st Place - RoadRunners / Ford GT40 (98pts)
2nd Place - ALS Racing / Ferrari 412P (87pts)
3rd Place - LeManx / Porsche 917K (81pts)
After a very good run by LeManx Porsche, the 1st 3 positions are as close as ever.

Global GT 
1st Place - ModSports / Ferrari 550 (98pts)
2nd Place - Bangers Racing / Honda NSX (80pts)
3rd Place - Harrisons Racers / Toyota Supra (68pts)
ModSports seems to be able to cope with most tracks really well and has extended its lead again. Harrisons racers Toyota Supra just maintained its 3rd place position over Scott Sports Marcos.

British GT Sports Cars
Joint 1st Place - Brumos RSR / Ferrari 458 & Green Star Racing / Porsche 911 ( 105pts)
3rd Place - Courtney Sport - AMG (49pts)
A tie again at the top between Brumos Ferrari and Green Star Porsche, Courtney Sport regained 3rd position by just one point over ModSports Aston Martin DB6

Construction Class A Cars
1st Place - ModSports/ AM DB9 (93pts)
2nd Place - Team Cube /Ferrari 355 (81pts)
3rd Place - Ruscillo Racing / Merc CLK (61pts)
ModSports AM DB9 still ahead of Team Cube's Ferrari but the gap has closed. Ruscillo's Merc stalled on this round, hopefully will be up to speed next time.

Construction Class B Cars
1st Place - ModSports / Ferrari 550 (98pts)
2nd Place - Bangers Racing / Honda NSX (77pts)
3rd Place - Harrisons Racers / Toyota Supra (67pts)
Top 3 cars keeping close together.

Construction Class C Cars
1st Place - Green Star Racing / Porsche 911 (87pts)
2nd Place - Brumos RSR /Ferrari 458 (81pts)
3rd Place - LeManx /BMW M1 (67pts)
A fight for the best in class is still on with both top Event 4 cars alternating the wins.

1st Place - ModSports (337pts)
2nd Place - LeManx (294pts)
3rd Place - Bangers Racing (286pts)
The gaps between the Teams has closed further between the top 3.

Fastest Laps (Round 6)

Pendle Slot Racing
George Turner Models
Truspeed Controllers
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(13th-May-24, 06:39 PM)Graham Wrote:  Sadly I have to announce that the Connington Park Round is cancelled due to ill health of the host. 

Get well soon buddy  Thumbup Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

The cars have arrived safely in coastal Kent.  I will open it up and inspect the cars over the next day or so.  I'm away at Spa Francorchamps for the Spa Classic over the weekend, so the round will likely be held during the week next week.
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I'm back from Spa and just taking a closer look at the cars ahead of running them this week.

First up, the Event 1 Group 5 cars:
These seem generally fine with nothing overly untoward or amiss.

I'd argue that Banger's Ferrari has a bit of excessive side to side play in the rear axle which is causing the pinion to come in contact with the rear tyre.


Brumos' BMW M1 isn't showing any obvious reasons for the recent uncharacteristic performance other than some very minor scoring evident on a front tyre. 

I'll put this (and the others) on the test bench later at the club and see if all the motors are behaving
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On to Event 2, Interseries.  Again, all seems well with the exception of Maken Mover's Wolf Dallara.
The motor does not want to turn beyond a certain point, as if one of the poles is jamming.  I cannot see anything obvious through the bottom aperture, but I think this will warrant further investigation.

Event 3:

There's some tyre grooves occurring on Makem Movers Viper and on Harrisons Supra, presumably from contact with loose interiors. Don't know if this has been addressed in the past or is a continuing issue, but I'm happy to investigate if needs be



Then there's Ruscillo's Mercedes and its rear wheel which jettisoned last round. I can glue this back on, but as a side note there is only a very short amount of axle protruding from the bushing


Team Cube's Ferrari is very short and had slid off the card in transit leading to the braids getting a bit squashed up.  These have now been smoothed out and I'll try and find something to pack in front of the car to prevent it reoccurring
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