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Scorpius App RMS.

In Every existing digital system without exception requires one of the following:
1.A power base that connects to app or computer. 
2.A wireless signal to PC via dongle.

PCs are great for race night.
Apps are good too. Some are better than others.

As we know everything is app app app these days. But one of the Scorpius advantages it does not need a power base. The advantages here data is completely seperate to power. Scorpius invented this system in 2006. 3 out of 5 manufacturers now use the Scorpius
concept. Data is hundreds if not thousands of times quicker than traditional digital power bases and the power is limitless. You can add power supplies in parallel around the track, as many as you want. 100A if you like. There is no limit. Will the two remaining manufacturers go this path? My guess is yes, but when I can’t say. 

With apps you still need a way to get the lapcounting signal to the app. Scalextric and Carrera added Bluetooth to their power base.
SCX has a more stream line cost efficient way by excluding the typical digital power base and use straight DC power to rails as per Scorpius, but added a Bluetooth lap counter to their range. The app however is very simplistic and I think only one update has been offered. 

So what’s the future seeing it’s all apps apps apps? Scorpius already has the worlds first digital wireless lap count system and the Scorpius RMS is very comprehensive with some very cool functions that no other software has but you do require a PC, a dongle and the software. 
How does Scorpius lapcounting work? It’s the car that actually senses laps not a typical in track lapcounting that send data to the powerbase to be sent to a PC or app. Scorpius uses a Scorpius Lane Brain with a 3mm IR LED in the track surface pointing up which is 12mm offset to the left looking in the forward direction from above. The LED broadcasts a continuous “I’m the lapcounter, I’m the lapcounter, please recognise me using the cars photo sensor and send a message to the PC please” ..  in around 1.5 milliseconds, accurate to 1000th of a second. No other system can do this as quick or as accurate due to high end firmware development. Videos proving this are on YouTube.
But again it uses a PC and dongle. Not always the preferred solution if you just race alone or are just racing for fun or in low numbers.
So what can be done to take it to the next level?
As some of you may be aware the MPD prototype V2.0 is being planned and we hope to order 50 prototypes in around 4 weeks. One of the changes includes adding a second nRF52832 radio chip/processor purely for Bluetooth. This means the car will be able to:
1. Use wifi to send car data to PC via dongle or:
2. Use Bluetooth and send directly from car to app. This has never been done before. The 52832 is a fantastic chip but can use wifi or Bluetooth but not at the same time hence the second radio chip concept. So the car will soon send to PC or app, your choice. Another Scorpius world first coming soon. Wrench

It’s going to solve a long standing dream of each driver having their own info on their phone but sent to a non wireless headset. It can’t be Bluetooth as the phones Bluetooth should be dedicated to receiving data from the car. One day you will be able to hear your lap times, best times, laps to go, position, fuel, tyre, brake and damage levels which you will be able to configure/filter on your headset so you do not have to look at any screen ever again.
That is the plan. And it’s why we need a second radio chip yesterday.
Of course we need an app. 
Who knows I may even utilise the Smart race app while we extend our existing app which currently is only used for updates.

So a direct car to app to headset 
race management is being planned. Exciting times indeed ?

Here’s a mock up of what the app would look like. Not that you’ll need to look at it.
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