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Routed Copper Tape HO track

I've always disliked magnets in HO cars. Now it doesn't matter if the car has traction magnets or not. Unless of course they make wood magnets.  Bigsmile

This is on a 3' by 7' foot base. The track is 3/8" inch MDF. Burnishing is next followed by wiring and power.


The track should have power later today. I look forward to running a few laps. MicroScalex cars with braids will be the first test cars. I need to install braids on everything that doesn't already have them. HO proxy racing here with Andy got me started installing braids on HO cars.  Thumbup

Thank you very kindly for looking.
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Brilliant. What a great little layout. Thumbup
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Great  track Ken.

Is there room for two 1/32 cars?

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Great looking track Ken   Thumbup

That will be a blast to run some quick laps on,  have fun!

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(11th-Feb-24, 12:33 PM)Kevan Wrote:  Great  track Ken.

Is there room for two 1/32 cars?

Thank you very kindly to everyone for the positive comments.

Kevan. The track is too narrow for 1/32. But it's slightly wider than normal HO. 1/43 should be a tight fit, but also work. I have a bunch of 1/43 cars too.
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The track lives!

I asked the builder for a bit more lane spacing than regular HO. You can still take the other guy out in a corner if needed.  Bigsmile
1/43 cars are about an 1/8th of an inch apart. It doesn't get any closer. It's NUTS!  Wrench
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A friend asked me to show him how the wires are connected under the HO track.

The copper tape goes through two thin slits in the track.


The tape is folded flat under the track, and a wire is soldered to each lane/line. The wires go to a quick connect speaker plug.


The wires go from the speaker connector to the Trackmate driver's station. Then two wires go from the driver's station to the power supply. It's all marked on under the driver's stations.

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Here's how the 1/43 cars look on the track. Spacing is close. However, you can pass if you don't mind clipping the guy next to you a little.  Wrench

I had to change the plastic guide pins to 3/32" dia steel rod. I also had to add lead weight since the magnets don't do anything. Now the cars are fast(er)!

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