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2024 World Cup of Slot

(11th-Feb-24, 04:03 PM)woodcote Wrote:  I have thoroughly enjoyed this World Cup of Slot - and the differing opinions are a fair reflection of the diverse ways we enjoy playing with toy cars.

However, I do think it has been more the ‘Slot Car European Championship’. A true World Cup would include the most popular slot car brands in North America - AFX and AutoWorld. In the history of slot, no manufacturer has sold more cars to more people than the Aurora/Tomy/Racemasters AFX dynasty.

But should HO slot cars be included? Or is it a completely different code to 1:32 and 1:24? Are we talking Rugby Union vs Rugby League - or even Association vs American Football?

Sounds like a great idea. But, I think HO is far too diverse. Auto World box stock cars for example can be sweet as oranges, or total lemons. I'm talking the exact same car.

Fray cars are in a world by themselves. Those guys are like 1/64 mechanics and leave nothing untouched. They prefer old Aurora chassis.

Then there's the drag racers. Few people that win share secrets.

I don't think you'll get an unbiased opinion on anything. It's not like they have RevoSlot, BRM, Slot.It, Thunderslot, or NSR to choose from.

HO is fun if you have the patience to debug cars or track. But it can also be a...

(11th-Feb-24, 04:03 PM)woodcote Wrote:  - or even Association vs American Football?

That's like comparing Water Polo to Hockey...

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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