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Removing painted stripes from track?

Anyone got experience with removing paint from Scalextric track pieces? I have used start lane pieces in the middle of the track and want to remove the paint. 

Suspecting that solvents might damage the plastic? 

Thanks in advance!

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Slot car newbie setting up a permanent track in my garage/man-cave.

I did it, for a similar reason, but it was 10 years ago now and my memory isn't the best.  Try laying a piece of plain white kitchen roll on the track, dribble meths or isopropyl alcohol onto the paper and leave it for 5 minutes.  Then remove the paper and rub at the print with Scotchbrite, or similar.
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Just the stuff I have on shelf too. Thanks! Will try and report back.
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Or use a large black magic marker.....
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(31st-Jan-24, 03:03 AM)chappyman66 Wrote:  Or use a large black magic marker.....

The black markers I've tried leaves a weird shimmering effect in the plastic :(

Slot car newbie setting up a permanent track in my garage/man-cave.

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