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Repetitive Speech Injury

It's now nearly 3 months since I retired.  I'm enjoying it.   Bigsmile   No 4am alarms, or 11.15pm finishes.  Plenty of time to myself to do things I enjoy.

However I'm getting sick to death of the same people asking me, every single time I meet them; "Are you enjoying your retirement?"  ......Or, in the case of my mother-in-law; "Are you still enjoying your retirement?"

I'd enjoy it a lot better if they would stop going on about it.   Tappingfoot  I've answered the question more than once, and every time the answer is the same.  My alternative answer, which isn't verbal, would doubtless get me into trouble with the Boys In Blue - and then I wouldn't be enjoying my retirement anymore.

Why can't they find something else to talk about?

I have been retired for 4314 days and no-one has ever asked me if I am enjoying it. Maybe it's because I have never actually stopped working. Once the house is finished - might be this year - someone will see me sitting down and enquire after my enjoyment of some leisure!
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I'm eligible to retire in April 2025, no generous pension plan for me just the state pension so looking forward to not giving what's left of the best years of my life to my employer but not looking forward to the possible problems.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Hello Stu,
Those questions will wear off but they will be replaced by constant questions like "What have you been up to?" and "Where you are going?"   The nosey neighbours will become your best friends !

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I don't mind being asked a question. What bugs me is when the person that asked the question doesn't even listen to the answer.

A person in our youth group would often whip through saying "how are you?' to everyone. But you could tell she wasn't listening. One day a group of 5 or 6 of us were gathered and she came by and shook everyone's hand and said "Hi, how are you?" without listening. Most everyone just said "fine". When she got to me I said "I'm home sick in bed thanks". She said "that's nice" and moved on to the next person. The group started laughing and she says "What did I miss?". Oops. Caught red handed.  Thumbup

Stu. When people ask you questions you don't like. Give silly answers. "Where are you going?". "I'm off to Tatooine for a beer at the cantina". The questions will stop.
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The best thing about being retired is on a frosty morning in January at 6:30 AM when I am woken by the sound of my neighbour scraping the ice off his windscreen before heading off to work. I remember doing just that for many years so I have a quiet chuckle, turn over and go back to sleep.

When people ask me if I am enjoying retirement I think of that and reply " too bloody right I am!"
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I retired nearly 3 years ago and every time I bump into someone that have not seen since I retired I.e. mostly work colleagues that yes you get asked are you enjoying your retirement.

The phrase that runs through my brain at this point is,

‘No I hate it, I miss,’

Getting up at 6:30am
Fighting through rush hour traffic which begins with trying to exit our side road and having to wait 5 minutes for a gap.
Hoping that some moron hasn’t crashed on one of the 2 A roads I can use
Repeating the experience trying to get home
Only 4 weeks holiday
Being sent out to the industrial far flung reaches and sitting on an economy class seat for up to 12 hours each way
Working 60-80 hour weeks whilst I’m out there
Food poisoning from the far flung reaches culinary arts
Constantly reiterating the golden project principle to management of you want quick, cheap and quality, pick 2
Being blamed for not delivering all three 100% of the time

But I smile and say

‘Going OK’

As stated in a previous post, its a great feeling to look at the clock at 6:30am and roll over and go back to sleep.


Mr Fit for Function.
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Life’s great innit?

But are you enjoying retirement?

Never been so busy… around the house, in the yard, in the workshop, walking dogs, at the cafe with mates, on the motorbike, on the net and finally on the couch having a nap if I so please.
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