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NSCC MK Swapmeet - 11 Feb2024

Once again the NSCC brings you the NSCC Milton Keynes Swapmeet. Sports Hall 1, Woughton Leisure Centre, Rainbow Drive, H7 CHaffron Way, Leadenahll, MK6 5EJ.

Entrance £1 (NSCC Members Free)

Limited Edition Car available for purchase by members on the day.

Tables from £25, contact Jeremy on
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We have a full house of tableholders for this Sunday's swapmeet, I'm sure there are bargains to be had. There will of course be a limited edition car for NSCC Members to purchase.

Phil Smith
Roger Barker
Steve Cannon
Mark Scales (Scale Models)
Rob Campling
Magnetic Racing
Steve Langford
Mike Flygt
Graham Mattingley
Robert Learmouth
Phil Underwood
Johnathan Exley/ Tim James
Bill Charters 
Mike Skipp
Steve Axford
Dave Harkin
John Gavin
Chris Gregory/ Brian 
John Carmichael
Darren McHarg
Chris McGinn
Adrian Norman
Pete Shepherd
Chris Arlow
Tara King (figures)
Steve Baker
Gary Cannell
Steven Dally
Steve Ainscow
Peter Zavonich
Darren Hull
Simon Francis
David Wells
David Norton
Andrew Pritchard
Everson Possamai
Jon Roberts
Mick Concannon
Nick Dillnut
Andy Carmichael
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It looks like the Journal containing the 2024 membership cards will not have arrived with everyone before the event, fear not, we will have a membership list so we will be able to verify your membership.

I have been going to this one for over 30 years and can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have arrived without getting lost or taking an unexpected detour. Today was no exception, I missed the right turning yet again and had a pleasant meander through a housing estate before I found the swapmeet.Yes I do have GPS and no it didn't help!
Having arrived it appeared to be one of the most well attended MK events for many years. I got there an hour after it opened and struggled to get through the crowds to look at things. As usual I spent so much time catching up with friends and acquaintances that I neglected to spend much money, The stallholders will never get rich from my purchases, total outlay twelve quid (tenner for an SCX NASCAR missing some bits and the rest on a couple of NSCC keyrings). No doubt a good deal of money changed hands elsewhere though. Who says the hobby is dying?

I really only go to these things for the social side and I had a great day out as usual. All credit to the NSCC committee for organising this one every year and it is good to see the club thriving.
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I haven't been for years - 12-15 probably - and was very pleasantly surprised to see it as busy as it was.  Pre-show promises to my partner that "I'll only be there for an hour or so" proved to be predictably wide of the truth and even after twice that long I left feeling i could have stayed longer.

Great to see the big tables with huge stock from the well known traders, but the presence of what were, to me at least, many smaller, personal tables with cars and bits are what made the show distinctive from, say, Gaydon or Swindon.

As ever, good to say hello in person to many folk, some of which I've know for decades, others I met for the first time.

The TALKING UTTER SLOT podcast is available via Apple, Acast, Spotify, YouTube and more. 
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Did anyone take a few pics of the tables while they were there?


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