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Scorpius MPD for Carrera

Hi Guys, 
   Ok so all the foundation work for the MPD was completed yesterday. Things like RTOS, bootloader, DFU, parameter library and Scorpius protocol have been completed and debugged. 
As some of you might know the MPD prototype has been designed and built to run on Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco and SCX systems.
Yesterday I received an email from John our engineer with the latest firmware release V13.0. It contains amongst other things the Carrera motor drive completed. We are glad to say we were able to implement this quickly and without any debug required. So our Carrera commitment has started there is no turning back. Next will be implementing the lane change code.

There is much planned for Carrera users. The plan is to make all the Scorpius protocols or as much as possible available to the Carrera community. 

Some of the things coming are:

Worlds first 2.4ghz wireless car chip to be 100% Carrera compatible. 

A 2.4 GHz controller based on the Scorpius controller using 100% Carrera protocol.

A new revolutionary highly functional dual Comms system called Nitrous where the Scorpius controller will talk to both the Carrera CU and MPD chipped car simultaneously. This allows all existing CU and RMS functions to operate as per normal and allows us to get a lane change command to the lane changer via rails as per the true Carrera protocol without using rubber bands and work arounds.
The possibilities here for the Carrera community are mind blowing. Imagine telemetry, accelerator and Back EMF based functions like our new virtual Dyno, Scorpius and SSD compatibility and more for Carrera users?  Wavegreen
The project continues……

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Here’s how it will work.
*Scorpius controller sends global wireless commands.
*Scorpius MPD chipped car and Scorpius to Carrera wireless relay both receive command.
*Relay sends to Carrera receiver.
*User has full benefits of Carrera 100% native and Scorpius protocols.
*All existing race software and apps completely compatible.

Primary benefits throttle:
1. 256 step throttle resolution for superior control and reduced lap times.
2. 256 brake resolution for superior control and reduced lap times.
3. Throttle mapping
4. Throttle Minimum speed.
5. Throttle choke 
6. Throttle choke bypass
7. Throttle traction control
8. Throttle adjustable brakes on the fly
9. Throttle map selection on the fly.
10.Throttle speed limiter (pits or learner mode) 
11. Can be reconfigured with Carrera  Wireless throttle protocols.
12. Can be used in conjunction with Scorpius Wireless Analogue module to run analogue cars in traditional analogue track.

Primary benefits Scorpius MPD car decoder:
* Can be operated by Scorpius controller for Nitrous mode or in Native mode using any Carrera controller set up.
* Telemetry as follows:
1. Car ID
2. Car PIN
3. Motor drive PWM
4. Brake drive PWM
5. Sector incl lap count request 
6. Lane 
7. Lane change request status.
8. Version Number 
9. Tacho RPM
10.Back EMF in Volts
11.Current draw in amps
12.Torque in N-m
13.Power in watts
14.Fuel level in litres 
15.Tyre level %
16.Brake pad level %
17.Damage level %
18.G force X axis 
19.G force Y axis
20.G force Z axis
21.Sound preferences 1-8
22.Lighting preferences 1-8
23.Driver Name 
24.Lap time
25.Best lap time

*Free wireless updates using phone.
*Configure brakes and throttle mapping when used natively.
*Full functioning lights.
*Scorpius, Scalextric full compatibility.
*Powerful 10A motor drive 
*In car simulations as follows:
1. Tyres
2. Brake pad wear
3. Simulated tank weight.
4. Simulated fuel usage based on electricity usage not throttle position.
5. Simulated damage using G-force detection.

Hi Guys,   
   We’re into the coding stage for Carrera. Team Scorpius has hacked the pace car code and is ready to implement into the main code. This will be the first wireless chip with full Carrera protocols ie 100% compatible. 
Once this is sorted we’re onto testing. And then the revolutionary Nitrous dual Comms system.    

Just a little update. The Carrera protocol doesn’t like the bridge rectifier used for SSD compatibility. We can still proceed with Carrera based firmware work luckily by removing 3 of the 4 diodes. 
So it needs a hardware upgrade.
Not an issue as we held off on the current proposed hardware changes as we guessed Carrera might bring some issues to light as we progress into the nitty gritty.
Hardware changes:
We intend to add TX/RX (data out/in) for the proposed Scorpius/Carrera throttle receiver, these 4 additional solder pads will also serve our brushless motor, LCD gantry, and surround sound projects).
 The 3rd change is to change the power in wires to suit Carrera rather than the Scalextic wiring config, simply on the basis Carrera is much more popular.
The 4th change is a snap of board around 10mm by the width of the board 13.3mm that is soldered to any motor can that contains 3 simple capacitors to address back EMF spiking back into the car chip which can cause the chip to malfunction. 
The fifth Carrera related hardware change is to make the onboard Carrera track comms LED and the other one on a fly lead seperate logic and drivers so the spare LED can be used for any LED based purpose ie lights eg exhaust flame simulator or flashing roof lights.
We won’t start the hardware upgrades until we are more advanced with Carrera testing to maximise the window of opportunity in terms of recognising issues, like cars stuttering or taking off full speed or other issues. 
We have done some debugging and implemented the speed controller to car ID pairing which works well. 
The last stage of the car decoder project is to implement the safety car protocols which the team reversed engineered. Not an easy task as the old Carrera Manchester code is convoluted and extremely hard to work with compared to modern day coding. 
Once the safety car code is implemented the majority of the coding will be complete if not all complete. Of course a rigorous testing program will need to undertaken and chips sent to beta testers.
Hopefully we can start the chip hardware changes within a few weeks, which is a couple of days work, then add 6 weeks for manufacture and a week in transit.
Fingers crossed.
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