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Cars you have bought in 2024

All the best to you Anthony.

Bought on here third Alfa 155.


Which will be used to continue my efforts, following a long line of broken slot racers, to try and develop into a Calibra beater!


I love puttering with gears
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Thanks Baracer!!

Another pick-up think it is Racer as the detail is superb- far too good for Ocar!

Arrived today -15 euros

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(3rd-May-24, 06:02 PM)Anthony B Wrote:  Thanks Baracer!!

Another pick-up think it is Racer as the detail is superb- far too good for Ocar!

Arrived today -15 euros
Great pick up and definitely a Racer.  Let me know if you need original tires.
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Well, I received this yesterday opened it up.  We have a new motor, gears bushings wheels and tires. It’s probably my quickest “out of the box” cars.
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That looks really nice Brumos...what is it?

(4th-May-24, 09:59 PM)fotodoug2 Wrote:  That looks really nice Brumos...what is it?

NSR C8 Corvette, silver paint coming after I tear down the body.

I would rather say that it's NSR's interpretation of a C8, the car has been slottified to much. 
But each to his own, it's just my opinion.

Here's the Carrera C8 and yes I know the NSR will drive circles around it:


Btw, Scalextric does a "proper" C8 as well.
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No question about authenticity here, I hope...


My first Revo. What a beaut!

I love puttering with gears
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Yes the Gr.2 cars are little belters, not only that but nowt else on the market remotely close to them on the track in our Small Sports/Saloons (54mm O/A width, 9mm tyres)...only beaten by the odd one or two scratch built specials.

...not so handy on our twisty routed Rally stages though

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Very nicely photographed BAR!  I may have to get one of those...many years ago I had a real BMW 2002...great little car!

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