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Cars you have bought in 2024

New Year's resolution to 'Stop buying slot cars' broken!

Had to. When this pair popped up on FB Marketplace my resolve .... dissolved!


It cost considerably less for the pair, complete with two unopened packs of braids and ferrules - all post paid, than it would for one on eBay. 

'Unused for thirty years' according to the seller, (More like twenty? Not sure when they came out?) they both fired up straight away on a 9v battery. 

Body-wise both needed the exhausts relocating in the cylinder heads - but they're a push fit so not a problem and the 'Spider-kart's' rear spoiler needed a slight tweak of one end plane. Nothing else. All was good with no breakages and no damage to the graphics.

The running gear on both needed the usual 'de-fluffing of the back axles, cleaning out of the gear teeth and a little light oiling. Before that though a surprising amount of fine metal strands (wire wool maybe, from the previous owners track cleaning?) had to be removed using tweezers, blu-tak and a magnet in that order.
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