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New Years Resolutions 2024

It's the time of year to reflect back...and look forward. 

Every new year has a special feeling, spring is on the way, the daylight is slowly stretching (northern hemisphere) and you sometimes make a vow to change one or two things in your life, new year resolutions. 

What changes are you making for 2024?

I made a resolution a few years ago to focus on the enjoyment of racing my Slot cars rather than trying to win. It made a big difference to my hobby and I actually started winning even more. 

This year I want to try and help others out more and see new winners for a change.

In 16 months time I'll officially be an old age pensioner (66). The state pension is all I'll have to look forward to so this time next year I'll be making that decision to retire or work part time whilst I'm fully capable of doing so.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Happy New Year Kevan, and everyone else Wavegreen

Definitely go with the mantra of enjoyment over winning, works for me, and my approach to this quirky hobby of ours.
I'm planning a few changes at our club, also to try and get a more varied selection of winners.  Maybe I should just add the lap scores incorrectly......actually that happens enough already  Bigsmile

I'm a little younger than your good self, 54, and I'm really worried about retirement. 
I think by the time I get there it will have simply been abolished !!!

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Well it's retirement for me this year! Having finished all my treatments for prostate cancer, it seems like a waste to use the second chance I have been given to sit at a desk staring at computer screens. Note to any other mature men on here, get your PSA level checked if you ever get invited to, or if you have any worries about peeing. I know it's a cliche, but having good health pretty well trumps everything.

Slotting wise, I used last year to build up hardware whist still earning; this year I am going to focus on utilising that hardware to the best of it's capability. The Touring Car Proxy was a reminder that if I had spent a bit more time and effort preparing the cars, I would have felt much more involved in the event and it would have been more rewarding and enjoyable. Unlike you two guys, I am a relative newcomer to this hobby and only won my first individual club race last year...I am hungry for more wins!

I love puttering with gears
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Funnily enough my Mum said exactly the same thing to me yesterday regarding a PSA check.

I still feel a relative newcomer to Slot cars, 2015 was the start for me but nearly 40 years racing RC cars before that no doubt helped.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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After battling cancer, losing a bladder, chemo, and immunotherapy over the last two years. My New Years resolution is to keep reminding myself that everything is time sensitive. In other words get off my butt and get things done! No more procrastinating... starting tomorrow.  Thumbup
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Whilst I can't totally control my health, I have found slot car preparation and racing a little world that I would like to think I have a little more control over, and can escape into. Resolution...appreciate what I have and similarly, don't waste the time I have!

I love puttering with gears
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Paint bodies and build more cars.
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Stop buying slots and start refining and using more of those I have. 

One exception - the Mobil 1 Pioneer Legends will be joining the stable when it comes out.  Thumbup
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Pay more attention to my " home club racing" and work the car prep harder. 
Keep my eye on upcoming releases to find cars that will give me an edge.
Keep a closer eye on the results as they unfold at both clubs. I took my eye off the ball in 2023.
Start looking for a part time job to supplement the pension  Sweating
Declutter! And Find a new place to rest my head. 
Visit more (different ) clubs 
Pay more attention to the detail of the (excellent) digital car prep of my DiSCA team buddies. 
Win DiSCA LeMans 2024 (stretch goal) 

Help out with more metal band festivals and tours  Cool
Drink less beer  Talking   Beer
Lose weight     Sweating
Get a health check.

list done  Wrench
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You're going to be busy then Al, are you sure a year is long enough to fit that lot in Bigsmile

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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