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Scorpius Channel 25 Telemetry upgrade #2

Hi Guys 
   Did you know an F1 car has over 300 sensors and that this data is sent back to the garages for analysis by 20 or more guys each on their laptop. Analysis is the key. Then a remedy if required is applied. Real time adjustments can be made. Some response times are under 1 millisecond relaying data.

Scorpius cars receive command in channels 1-24 but send telemetry on channel 25.

This data will be refreshed at 100 times a second and is best seen on a laptop screen via Scorpius dongle.

Here is the updated specification:

1. Car ID
2. Car PIN
3. Motor drive PWM
4. Brake drive PWM
5. Sector incl lap count request 
6. Lane 
7. Lane change request status.
8. Version Number 
9. Tacho RPM
10.Back EMF in Volts
11.Current draw in amps
12.Torque in N-m
13.Power in watts
14.Fuel level in litres 
15.Tyre level %
16.Brake pad level %
17.Damage level %
18.G force X axis 
19.G force Y axis
20.G force Z axis
21.Sound preferences 1-8
22.Lighting preferences 1-8
23.Driver Name 
24.Lap time
25.Best lap time

A lot of these messages are actually very short and simple.

The movement is more towards more processing in car and less by the race software, and very importantly allows the car to feed the app without needing a laptop. Rofl
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