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Scorpius app and headset telemetry

Hi Guys,
    Personalised telemetry is now on the horizon. Imagine your own headset connected to your mobile phone. In the headset you can hear the telemetry of your choice. Just use the the filter on the app to customise what you’d like to hear and not hear. 

Emphasis for the MPD in car decoder mode will be to do as much processing on board as possible.
This saves data, or 99% looping through the PC for manipulation. 

Simple messages like start that, do this, do that, stop that can be controlled from the RMS but the bulk of the work will be executed on the car decoder.
The list of things that will be done by the car in the future is:
Fuel level 
Tyre wear level 
Brake pad wear level
Damage level
Simulations for all of the above 
Ghost car
Safety car
Lap time.
Best lap time 

The levels are sent to the RMS for display.

The benefits? 
1. The car can now use the second radio chip, the 805, to send all this to the phone DIRECTLY via Bluetooth. 

2. You have your telemetry and your telemetry only. That you can customise to suit you.

3. From there you can use text to voice to announce any or all telemetry.

4. You no longer need to look up at the RMS screen constantly.                  

The car will need to be paired to your phone for Bluetooth comms. 

So there you have it. A plan for app driven on screen dashboard.

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Have any of these thoughts and designs actually come true and made it into production for the general public or are they all simply continious massive pipe dreams that go no where as I never see these for sale never hear or see any other person utlitising these.

I don't see this headset thing working, if you want full gaming experience like you are heading for then perhaps this is the wrong gaming system, too many toys, too much information

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Still the continuous negative posts on Scorpius even though you use it.  I really don’t understand. We have announced 8 things for production since 2009 and 6 made it to market with amazing results with 2 still on the way. The MPD and the gantry screen, which also exists as a prototype. Pretty good record if you ask me  Talking

Yeah mate heard all that in 2008. It’s too complex, it won’t happen, you’re full of it etc. We proved them all wrong that time and we will again.  Wrench

Headsets work for 1:1 so it will obviously work for slots. It’s a very cool simple concept. You hear lap times, position, fuel etc in your headset. This allows you to keep your eyes on the car and concentrate thus increasing the experience. Maybe you don’t get that.

We have telemetry and app already, ready to tweak when the time is right.


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