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Graham Robson "The Works Escorts in detail"

..........  Does anyone here have a copy??

Before I throw £40-odd at one, without seeing it first, I'd like to know if the "detail" includes comprehensive-ish in-period competitive history for the most well known cars.  Specifically the earliest RS1600s - the LVXs, for example.

It is worth every penny if you would like to know all the ins and outs of the works-Escorts. Thumbup
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Thanks, Hub.   Thumbup

(26th-Dec-23, 01:36 PM)StuBeeDoo Wrote:  Before I throw £40-odd at one, without seeing it first..............
Well, what do you know?........  Amazon reduced it to under £30 and threw-in free carriage.  Should be arriving here today.   Thumbup
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Well, it arrived just before lunch yesterday.  All I can say is;- "WOW!"   Cool

I haven't been able to put it down.  Don't think I've ever seen a motoring book with so much fascinating detail on every single page. I've got Jeremy Walton's Audi Quattro offering and that one's good, but Robson's Escort book is another level entirely.
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Mk2 Escorts are trending in my social circle with the flat-nosed "RS2000" being a current topic.  This was raised because some of the SCX Mk2 Escorts have 1.8 on the left front wing and some (later cars) have 2.0
Its against my religious beliefs  to get involved with Ford but I think I'll make an exception - I need a reel of PLA anyway and if I buy that and the book I will get free Amazon delivery.


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Something I've taken an interest in recently,  no flat front rs2000s ever left the Ford factory,  so the 2.0 badging is incorrect unfortunately. 

My theory is when somebody purchased an RS2 for rallying then they either removed the nose cone before it even started a Rally or stoved it and it was rebuilt using the standard Escort front wings .

The nosecone was a definite advantage in aero so would of been better suited to track use , the RS2 was actually more aerodynamic than mk3 Escort that replaced it.

One of the big Motoring mags did a test in the 80s , one flat front and one RS2 , both had the same 160bhp Pinto fitted for the test , 80-120 mph pull in 4th gear , the RS2 was 2.5 seconds quicker .
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