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Slot Rally Hill

Incidentally, if you turn sharp right just over the bridge and before the pub, 1 mile up that road leads to Druidale, a famous Rally stage on the Isle of Man.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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The landscape with only grass and trees still looked too much like a park.
By adding hedges and all kinds of shrubs, a more natural landscape was created.

I used steel wool as the base material for the hedges, but filter material or sea foam can also be used for this.
An open structure of the material is important, so that the mixture of foam foliage and grits from the model train shop can settle here after a layer of spray adhesive has been applied. This creates a hedge with a coarse surface that is not too tight and flat.
The spread hedge is held in place by a row of nails and some glue.
In the last two photos the hedge is only held in place by gluing it to the grass and tree trunks.

Here are a few photos of the making of the hedges:



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After the hedges were placed in the landscape, the sea foam shrubs followed.
Like the hedges, they also received a mixture of foam leaves and grits from the model train shop.
Here you can see the result of the combination of grass, trees, hedges and shrubs:


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Now that the landscape is ready, small items can be used to add accents.
Straw bales are one of these items. They are easy to make from pieces of wood or foam, on which sisal fibers are glued.
Finally the straw bales are wrapped with a piece of sewing thread.
Here are a few photos regarding that theme:

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After the straw bales, two balsa wooden picnic tables followed.
It started with a simple sketch. The length of the table top is 50mm (1.6m in reality).



I dismantled a DS-0081 overhead timing gantry and hid the infrared starting light and photosensitive cell in the bushes.
Both were connected with a DS200 lap counter. 
After painting the starting line and adding more than 100 figures, Slot Rally Hill was ready.


As you can see in this topic, it is not necessary to apply the scenery so extensively. The effect of grass and some trees and shrubs quickly results in a surprising effect.
I hope that this topic has motivate enough to build a scenic track yourself.

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Amazing inspiration! Thank you! Keep'em coming. I am not going full realism on my track but still want to add little details here and there over the coming months. Right now the “real car” season is coming up which will keep me busy there for a while  Sun

Here’s my track folded up as a box against the wall.

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Slot car newbie setting up a permanent track in my garage/man-cave.
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