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Built a track in Sketchup - collecting parts

First post for me. I have been planning this track for a long time and I have been collecting parts for a long time. I recently managed to finally find a 2nd hand ArcPro for about €200 including lots of track pieces and three worn out F1 cars. So now I am getting ready to make this finally happen for real! I've attached in progress image of my plan using SketchUp. I have almost all pieces needed apart from the pit lane.

Open for feedback!

Question: As mentioned I plan to use ArcPro and was wondering if it possible to run digital Scalextric with a variable powwer supply? And if so how do I go about hooking it up?

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Welcome aboard nicolasw.  Wavegreen

It's a nice track design, but personally I would be worried about making a track with no borders, or run off areas.
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Hello nicolasw - great track Thumbup

Like Jason, I think having ample run-off for cars to slide out on corners is important - the easiest option is the Scalextric borders. Even running cars with traction magnets, the rear will slide - running with magnets removed, the run-off is absolutely essential.

As for variable voltage for ARC Pro, that is provided via the app’s ‘Max Power’ settings. That’s true in the digital and analogue modes. It means always running with the app - but the Scalextric is very quick to get up and running, the Magic app quite easy too.

There’s more under the Race Two heading here:
And Magic app set-up screens here:

Hope that helps!
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(19th-Nov-23, 06:46 AM)woodcote Wrote:  As for variable voltage for ARC Pro, that is provided via the app’s ‘Max Power’ settings. That’s true in the digital and analogue modes. It means always running with the app - but the Scalextric is very quick to get up and running, the Magic app quite easy too.

Thanks a lot for the welcome and the feedback! (It's niklas not nicolas :) Run off space I am hoping to counter with proper fencing around the track. The plan is to create a track that can be folded up and hang vertically on the wall when not in use ;-P Don't know if it makes any sense but I attached an image of it folded up.

When it comes to the variable voltage supply I was wondering: 

First off how do I connect it? Do I "hook on" to a standard plug and plug it directly in to the ArcPro Base or do I connect it in some other way in parallellel? I have read in several places that a long track and several simultaneous cars require more power at different locations of the track.

Secondly do I need to be vary of frying some of the electronics if I use the variable voltage supply? Are there power limits and ways of connecting here I should know about?

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A question - can you tell us why you want a variable voltage power supply? Is it because you want to adjust the voltage or you've read somewhere that it's "better"?

If you want to adjust the voltage to the cars - for beginner drivers or more sensitive cars - this is usually done in a digital system via the software. A constant 15V is applied to the track and the car's decoder adjusts the voltage going to the motor. Using the ARC app software, you can adjust the maximum power available to a car and you can adjust the throttle 'curve'. Both can make it easier to drive a car. Typically, if I am setting up a track for beginner or younger drivers, I will limit the maximum power to 50%.

Using two standard Scalextric/Hornby 15V / 4A power supplies with the ARC Pro powerbase will power six cars, the powerbase and all your lane changers and pit entries. Using a non-standard power supply with too few volts will risk the powerbase receiving insufficient power to operate correctly. A power supply with too many volts or amps can permanently damage the powerbase.

A long track will require careful maintenance of the track joins and the use of at least one pair of power booster cables. One end of each cable is linked to a track piece near the powerbase and the other end to the furthest point away from the powerbase.

Thank you for your very thorough reply Woodcote!

I have read "somewhere" that it can better, yes. But to that point I already own one so it would just be a matter of connecting it. I only have the one power supply that came with the ArcPro powerbase, So geting a second would be sufficient then. 

But I will look into the power booster cables - it looks fairly easy to build your own.

Woodcote is my favourite corner at Goodwood :) Been there several times for the Revival.
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