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Wanted - Aero Motors Garage Tunnel

The Scalextric "Super Stox " set seemed to have a tunnel building identified as Aero Motors. I have never seen one so not sure if it was just "Box Art" or if it was cardboard accessory.
Does anyone have a complete set and could share some close-up photos of the building? 
If anyone has such a thing for sale, let me know.



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Hi Leo,

Yes, it is a cardboard accessory.   It has tabs which fold out to support it, enabling it to stand over the track. 

Almost every set you see advertised will not include the AERO Motors tunnel.  They are nearly always missing,  and if included usually not in the best condition. The Bangers Raceway also had the same tunnel,  and came out at the same time. 

I did have the complete Superstox set, with the tunnel,  but sold it around a year ago, as it wasn't going  to be used, and really they are collectors sets nowadays.   I also sold my Bangers Raceway set at the same time, which fetched a good price, the Superstox set went for nearly £150, which I couldn't believe! 

So no photo possible,  but I can confirm it's real.   Worth setting up an ebay watch, you might get lucky. 
I am off to the Orpington swap meet on Sunday,  happy to look for you.

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Cheers Pip, 
That's very helpful.
I set up and Ebay search a long time ago but nothing has ever popped up. 
My brother and I had the Super Stox set back in the day but I don't remember having the tunnel. I haven't thought to ask him but will do. 


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