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U brackets

                       Some time ago I had these three types made. My supplier has ceased producing them and these are probably the last I have for sale. Made of 1mm panel steel zinc coated so they solder well.
Type one… for FK and FC motors with screw holes for mounting 
Type two… for FF motors with 1mm offset 
Type three… for FF motors but very short motor plate to axle centre, pinion needs shortening. Ideal for GP cars and a full length driver.
Type one £5.50 per piece 
Type one A (the squared ones £3.50 per piece)
Type two £5.00 per piece 
Type three £4.00 per piece 
Mounting screws included in price.(m2)
Shipping for one or the lot is £14.00 because I am in NewZealand.
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I would like to buy 5 of the  Type 1  (square ones 3.50 a piece) and 5 of the  Type 2 for the FF motors with a 1 mm offset.

I will compile a package and send you a private message

PM sent, let me know if you don’t receive it

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