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Cric-Crac Sport 01 Electronic Control for RallySlot

I do like controllers, and I thought this new model from the Spanish retailer Cric-Crac was interesting for one particular feature...   



I thought the torque switch was a bit different, and was going to ask any Spanish members in here what that was about! But reading the spec sheet, I think it translates into a switch that changes the trigger mapping. Any other thoughts?


- 100 x100 electronic control.
- Magnetic trigger.
- Sensitivity Potentiometer (40 positions)
- Brake potentiometer (40 positions)
- Switch with two types of curves (Torque).
- Antispin YES/NO switch
- 1.5m silicone DS cable.
- Compact connector DS-0010

It's sold out pretty quickly, so must have got something right.

I love puttering with gears
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