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Autumn Proxy 2024 Questionnaire

(31st-Dec-23, 06:29 PM)Brumos RSR Wrote:  Graham, first off Happy New Year!!!! Are the rules here final?

I think the rules are almost ready, I am still at the listening stage but will post the intro and proposed rules etc on a new thread in the next couple of weeks. I think many of the potential entrants are preoccupied with the holiday at the moment, so I might expect some further questions or suggestions during January. But I would hope that most things have been covered, although there could still be some issues needing clarification which I have missed so far.

Wavegreen Good afternoon,

well having reviewed the rules again there are some significant changes, but I am hoping these will be the last ones.

My intention as always is to:
Encourage both the novice and experienced Slot car enthusiasts to take part. Allow for a diverse range of different built cars to participate and feel involved and competitive. Constrict the extremes of build options to make for a closely competitive proxy event.
Make it a enjoyable and unpredictable proxy event for all.

So the changes are:
 Motor orientation - remains the same for Event 1 & Event 3 but Event 2 is now In line or Sidewinder.
Class A cars - Motors are now directly linked to which Event you are entering, and you can now upgrade them for Events 2 & 3.
Class C cars - Lightweight mass produced bodied cars (including 3d printed) are not allowed to use B&W or metal chassis. 
Only Class A mass produced or Resin bodies are permitted to use them.
Event 1 Eligible motor list- Only 18k rpm or equivalent allowed, SRP Speed20 motors are now only permitted in Class B &C Events.
Late car arrivals - 5% continuous time penalty for cars arriving after the designated arrival time.
Car Class Award - TBA later or at the end of the series, depending on the Class distribution of cars running in each Event.

So I have a Poster and the rules, updated cars lists which I will post on the new thread.
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Once the guide is trimmed, ride height lowered 1/2mm and final drive reset its ready to go better than it did yesterday during testing. Event 2 class B
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