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Oxigen or Scorpius-- can I get some guidance?

You're absolutely right Rick but I don't wat to invest too much time anymore, I don't even take the magnet out of the cars Rofl
Sometimes the neighbour boys come and play, they also just want to run the cars around. And when I have the time I join them Sun

Scorpius is a fine product, the controllers are the best available in digital. It's just not for me anymore.
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(17th-Oct-23, 04:06 PM)MrFlippant Wrote:  
(17th-Oct-23, 05:18 AM)gref Wrote:  
(16th-Oct-23, 01:51 AM)MrFlippant Wrote:  If Rick made any of the minor changes to the controller interface and PC app that have been requested years ago, it would change my opinion of the controller quite a bit for the better.

What were the changes?

Things like lengthening the timeout for being in the menu system of the controller. It currently will kick you back out to the main screen after a set number of seconds, even while actively changing settings. Trying to alter all ten points, or even accessing them to write them down, is frustrating.
Adding any kind of save/load/memory in the controller config PC app, so that you don't have to manually program an entire curve every time you want to send a new one, or a minor alteration of an existing one. 
Being able to read all ten curves from the controller into the PC app, and load back all ten after making your changes.
There were some others, but those were the ones I felt would make the biggest usability difference. You can find a lot of feedback in various Scorpius threads on SlotForum from years ago.

Never had a problem. Simply remember to push any button for 2 seconds. 
In any case the trade of is 100 hrs of use not 3 hours Cool
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