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Touring Cars Slotting - Official Results & Reports

Wavegreen Good Morning

The cars will be with me shortly, and the repairs with the Galaxie can be carried out.

The SCOREBOARD has been updated

The Round 9 Review will start shortly
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So its many thanks once again to NERCS Club for putting on another Round for our proxies, I think it was one of the best attended Proxy Rounds at a club that I have ever seen  Bigsmile It looked very fast and furious but did capture a "real race" like atmosphere...almost too well  Rofl

So a great job done to the guys there, and we will be next week be looking at the FINAL Round.

Updated Overall Points for Rounds 1-9


Pitlane Review Rounds 1-9
So in the main most of the cars run equally well on this track, RoadRunners Galaxie had a unfortunate retirement due to a braking failure, but it was great to see the Sunbeam of Maken Movers make an appearance on the podium. ALS Audi made another appearance on the podium ( shame about the points penalty) otherwise would have done much better in the proxy. And we had another Podium appearance for Team Tatters Calibra and Scott Sports BMW 125i

Tourist (Event 1)
1st Place - Savage GT - Mustang (175pts)
2nd Place - Brumos RSR - Porsche 911 (128pts)
3rd Place - RoadRunners - Galaxie (105pts)
A predictable outcome for this event, really the Mustang is untouchable, hopefully the Galaxie will be running again for the final Round but will have to settle for 3rd place.

Grand ( Event 2)
1st Place - Bangers Racing - BMW 3.0CSL (161pts)
2nd Place - Makem Movers - Camaro (93pts)
3rd Place - Brumos RSR - BMW 2.0 (85pts)
Bangers Racings BMW 1st place victory assured (especially as its running on the home track next week), but there is a close contest for 2nd & 3rd with Harrisons Racers Camaro on 83pts and Deadheads Rover SD1 on 81pts. 

Super (Event 3)
1st Place - Savage GT - Calibra (126pts)
2nd Place - WVSAM - Nissan Skyline (98pts)
3rd Place - ManxBrian- Calibra (88pts)
This again looks like the finishing positions with only one round left to run.

Modern (Event 4)
1st Place - Deadheads -Audi A5 (166pts)
Joint 2nd Place  - Bangers Racing - Alfa 156 (92pts) & Mountain View - Astra (92pts)
this is going to be a close result for the runners up

Class A Constructed Cars
1st Place - Mountain View - Astra (155pts)
2nd Place - ManxEd - Calibra (130pts)
3rd Place - Harrisons Racers BMW 321i (90pts)
The Astra of Mountain View has mostly an ensured victory in the Class A 

Class B Constructed Cars
1st Place -Deadheads -Audi A5 (132pts)
2nd Place - Bangers Racing - BMW 3.0CSL (112pts)
3rd Place- Mountain View - BMW M3 (86pts)
Similar to above Deadheads Audi A5 looks good for the class win.

Class C Constructed Cars
1st Place - Savage GT - Calibra (124pts)
2nd Place - WVSAM - Nissan Skyline (102pts)
3rd Place - ManxBrian - Calibra (82pts)
With WVSAM's Nissan Skyline underperforming more recently, Savage GT have Class C in the bag.

Best Team
1st Place - Savage GT (509pts)
2nd Place - Deadheads (427pts)
3rd Place - Mountain View (409pts)
A good recovery from Deadheads later on, but not enough to take the win I think.

Round 9 Fastest lap

So the cars have arrived, and we are onto the final Round 10 at the North Staffs Slot Car Club, this has the fastest and longest straight of any of the Rounds so far, so in theory those faster cars should do well, but there are also some hairpin bends to contend with plus the fact that we have never run a proxy on this track before  Tease

Pendle Plot Car Racing
George Turner Models   www.georgeturnermodels,com
Truspeed Controllers
Amato Slot Car Design
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(10 hours ago)Makem Wrote:  we are working on creating a YouTube channel (at least Marty is).
Watch this space.
A sensible move and the best way to make your club racing accessible to the public not only that but easy to post on forums too.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Right Marty the Wizard (Team Alaric) has opened a You Tube channel and started uploading.

Daily limit reached so more tomorrow.

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A bit of advice I'd give is put info in each video name so we know who's cars are racing.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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