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1/25 Boulevard Cruisers

Awww thanks for sharing those pics Ken - Chris is an absolutly fantastic builder and a huge font of knowledge. Would love to be able to race with you guys!!!
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Hi Anthony,

I can't seem to find any reference to sizzlerdom on Ebay USA or Canada. Could it be under another name?

Thank you,

Chassis have been built for the '71 Charger, and '66 Corvair.

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We had another large scale event today. Five racers showed up with 7-cars. Some cars were missing. A new green 64 Impala showed up.


One of the guys came out with the first lightweight foam sheet interior. Everyone else is now following the same idea. Progress is slow but sure. We only meet once a month for this scale.

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We recently had our monthly 1/25 event. A few new cars showed up. Here are the highlights.

Jim brought his new '62 BelAir that he just built. The colour sure pops.


A new member Chris B. got himself a '67 Cyclone GT. I was asked to make a chassis, and help assemble some of the car. My pleasure.

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Hi Ken,

Fabulous looking cars again,  and you really appreciate the scale when you see the bare chassis. 
It looks like it's designed for a Limousine!  Rofl

Merry Christmas,

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Thank you very kindly.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

A Beetle fan from another forum requested a strange pic. They wanted to see an AMT 1/25 Impala beside an Arii 1/32 Beetle for size comparison.

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Many Boulevard Cruisers have been made. Our little club is just about saturated with them.

We just had a flea market today. I am straying from boulevard cruiser the path with these latest purchases. These things happen.

Might there be a '62 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta 1/24 slot car available anywhere?


I also found this Lamborghini Miura P400 SV. The nice thing about both these kit is that the bodies come in one piece. Perfect for a custom slot car.

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