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Scorpius Wireless new Real Time Operating System

Hi Guys,
    I was sitting down one afternoon thinking how nice it would be to produce quality aftermarket products for multiple brands on the market. Everything you could think off. A basic car chip, a deluxe car chip, lane changer electronics, lap counter, location sensors, a powerbase dongle, for Scorpius, Carrera, Scalextric and SCX digital systems. Then I’m thinking wow that’s like 15 or 20 products to design, manufacture and stock. So I’m thinking that’s 7 years work and a heap of coin. Lots of minimums and one off charges. 
After another Peroni it occurred to me that what if one decoder could do 15-20 products?
It would be a Multi Protocol Decoder as well as a Multi Purpose Decoder. Either way the term MPD  seems to have stuck.
So what’s needed hardware wise to run this baby?
Power: AC/DC/Pulsed DC. A bridge rectifier is fitted to power Scalextric, Scorpius and Carrera  digital respectively.
After that we need sensors and LEDs for enabling car chip and lane changer for 3 brands. So two LED driver circuits and two photo transistor circuits are added. 
Next are lights. We need a tail/brake circuit with 2 red LEDS attached. Also another LED driver circuit with LEDs for headlights. These can be optional.
Next we need some goodies. How about a hall sensor that will detect motor revolutions. Bingo worlds first digital wireless slot car motor tacho. Optional. 
Next more goodies. How about an accelerometer and recording program that maps your G forces 100 times a second. Once you know the cars maximum G force before a despot you could use it at every opportunity with 100 updates per second. All this hopefully will give the ultimate ghost car performance , especially for non magnet cars.

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Can't fault your ambition mate. Thumbup 

I'm guessing this won't happen overnight, but please keep us updated as you progress.

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