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I prefer 2-body posts for most 1/32 scale cars. My first few scratch built cars were not very succesful until Chris Walker told me about installing urethane washers between the chassis and body posts. I started winning races immediately after that. I've never looked back. Thanks again, Chris!  Thumbup
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Yes, I can see that body rock without control is no benefit. 

This is going to be an interesting challenge.

I love puttering with gears

Allow me a few pictures.

These are the parts I typically use for body posts.


The urethane washer holds the stainless steel screw and washer in place.


I can push on either side of the car and it leans with some effort.


As soon as I let the body go free. It quickly and perfectly re-centers itself.


I have won a fair amount of races in my club with this type of body float. It's a keeper.
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Nice job, Ken.
I have often thought of moulding and casting some urethane washers...what dimensions are they OD, ID and diameter.???

Thanks John,

The guy that casts these urethanes just copies steel washers. These are for a 2-56 size thread. I use 4-40 screws. So I needed to add a 2.5mm washer to prevent the urethane from slipping past the screw and through the hole in the chassis. I can't convince him to cast 4-40 size urethanes for some reason. So I adapt.

I'll try and measure the rubbery little things for you after my first coffee. Umm... maybe my second.  Thumbup

(18th-Jul-23, 05:53 AM)munter Wrote:  I have often thought of moulding and casting some urethane washers...what dimensions are they OD, ID and diameter.???

Hello John, the "DART" hobbies washers *** that Ken shows are urethane and measure 4.7mm od. , 2.4mm id., and are .77mm thick.

The silicone washers from MRSlotcar  *** measure 4.8mm od., 2.6mm id., and come in 3 thicknesses from .5mm to 1.5mm., if you are making your own, something in the above diameter range will work great.

****These are squishy little buggers, so while the measurements are close, I won't swear that they are 100% (not that it matters)  Bigsmile

Chris Walker

PS while they do work well between body posts/chassis, they are far more beneficial between the pod lugs and chassis plates on plastic cars.
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What pod? Where?  Bigsmile

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Thanks Chris and Ken...
I will have a look at what washers I have on hand and see what I can do.....when there is a suitable moment in my busy moulding, casting, vac forming regimen.
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